Like Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo? Buy his crashed Ferrari 599 GTB on eBay
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Like Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo? Buy his crashed Ferrari 599 GTB on eBay

Like Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo? Buy his crashed Ferrari 599 GTB on eBay

The rick folks and their car crashes: what tragedy but what luck. When you have the deep pocket and can afford a lifestyle including the expensive 4-wheelers, you perhaps have a stronger right to even crash it! Well, the celebs seem to be going by that rule, as we saw for Lindsay Lohan, who crashed Porsche 911, a while back. And if your luck favors you with enough fame and fan following like Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo, there could be a whole lot of wealthy fans queuing up to buy the scrapped version of your luxury car. Back in 2009, the star footballer managed to damage his Ferrari 599 GTB for good, and it had indeed created a buzz online when it appeared on eBay. The scrapped version had gone on sale, where bids went up rather quickly, but had to be pulled down a short while later owing to authenticity concerns and security. But now, it is back up yet again for being sold via eBay. To a lot of people, it might well have fitted in comparison to the most expensive crashes of 2012.

Ronaldo's crashed Ferrari at the site

An undisclosed garage owner in Starsbourg finally landed up with an agreement with eBay, the online shopping store, to sell the crashed Ferrari that Ronaldo once drove. After a pretty haggling process of getting the car authenticated, the sale will finally go ahead along with some compensation to the garage owner. This compensation is said to be in the region of $26,000, if the sale goes ahead successfully.

Ronaldo's crashed Ferrari in 2009

The car initially appeared in 2009, when the Real Madrid heartthrob managed to crash the vehicle just outside Manchester Airport. Despite such a lapse on his part, he managed to bag the Ballon d’Or for 2008 as World Player of the Year. But after that incident it went through quite the journey.

Ronaldo's crashed Ferrari at the garage

Star Autos had put it up on eBay, but the site pulled the product down before asking the garage to provide evidence of authentication. At one stage, the bids went upwards of $162,230 when fans started to grab for it. After a lengthy process which included a lawsuit, eBay decided to put the vehicle back online for auction. Reportedly, the proof was sent to them 3 times before the legal step was decided upon, but now the owner seems satisfied with it. After all this while, he would be getting compensation for the damages he incurred during the time frame. Hence, if you have a few hundred thousand lying around to literally kick about, try your luck at bidding for this Ronaldo wrecked Ferrari 599 GTB.

Ronaldo's Ferrari 599GTB in its prime

Via: Business Insider

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