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United States
Net Worth $ 10 Million
Rebecca Renee Olstead
Rebecca Renee Olstead
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Born on: 18th Jun 89 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Actress, singer
Renee Olstead is an American singer and actress who first gained recognition in the glamour world as an accomplished award winning child actress. Olstead has managed to replicate her childhood success in her adult career by carving out a niche for herself as an accomplished TV actress and is steadily gaining a toe hold in the movie industry. Renee has also enjoyed a decent run of success as a jazz singer and has managed to record five solo albums till date.The lady is also steadily gaining a reputation as a style diva for her exquisite sense of fashion and has modeled for a few lifestyle brands. Renee’s mastery of a complicated set of skills as diverse as acting and music has enabled her to secure her long term financial future. As per estimates Olstead’s net worth today exceeds $10 million. Almost all of this wealth has come by dint of her acting assignments and revenuers generated from her hit music albums, all of which have done pretty decent business till date. The singer has also garnered a decent amount of money by performing in live music concerts and by endorsing products of glamour brands of the likes of Spirit Hoods, Betsey Johnson and Jeffrey Campbell. Olstead’s impressive financial position has enabled her to lead a very comfortable lifestyle. The singer lives in a luxurious home in her native state of Texas. Renee prefers to de-stress by spending quality time with her boyfriend and by going out with him together on romantic outings. She is also quite proficient in dancing and is known to harbor a keen interest in learning sign language. Renee loves to play sports and watches basketball matches during her spare time. The actress has attended quite a few charity events in order to raise money for causes ranging from poverty alleviation to environmental protection, even though she is not known to directly support any philanthropic organization. Renee Olstead was born in Texas in middle class American family and is of Norwegian ancestry. Rebecca grew up in a stable family home. The actress is very secretive about her personal life and usually avoids talking about it during her interactions with the media, as a result of which not much is known about her relationships. Reportedly the singer is currently in a relationship with Thomas Jane, an American actor twenty years her senior. She first met Thomas at a Christmas party. Apparently the twenty year old age difference hasn't been an issue and the couple has now made their relationship public by attending the 2013 Golden Globes together.  
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Renee Olstead Brands (4)

Little black dress

Rebecca Renee Olstead

Description: Renee Olstead wore a Little black dress at the 45th anniversary celebration of ‘The Advocate’ at the Beverly Hilton hotel on March 29, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. She looked saucy in the LBD at the event.

White eyelet

Rebecca Renee Olstead

Renee Olstead attends the ‘Mirror Mirror’ premiere at Grumman’s Chinese Theater on March 17, 2012 in Hollywood, California. She looked sweet and adoring as she posed in her white eyelet in the premiere.

Fendi ‘Fendista’ Platform Pumps

Rebecca Renee Olstead wears Fendi ‘Fendista’ Platform Pumps

Olstead wore her Fendi pumps at a launch party on July 2012 in California. The Italian salon shoes features signature gold polish emblem at the center, padded foot bed with glossy leather upper, lining and sole. The $815 accessory is available in select colors with 5 inch lofty heels.

Motel Silky Surplice Jet Romper

Rebecca Renee Olstead wears Motel Silky Surplice Jet Romper

The singer looked fashionable donning her statement dress while attending a prestigious event held on September 2012 in Los Angeles. The $90 mini black full sleeved dress features a deep V-neckline with high waist, cuffed hem, buttoned cuffs and zip fastening at the back.

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