Rebel superyacht is your perfect companion on weekend getaways at sea
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Rebel superyacht is your perfect companion on weekend getaways at sea

Rebel superyacht is your perfect companion on weekend getaways at sea

Yacht Rebel

With touring gaining popularity in exotic parts of the earth, super yachts with luxury features have been the latest choice for the uber-rich. Our coverage of luxury concept yachts includes the 100M super-yacht by Alex Mc’ Diarmid, which combined engineering elements of the previous centuries’ automotives with modern day design to create a perfect yacht for luxury cruises at sea. It added on the attractive features of hybrid technology to make a complete package. The latest competition to this concept is the Rebel superyacht which marries professional Viagra no prescription can i buy zyban online generic zyban the weekender concepts of the 1940’s and '50s with modern apartment style designing to become the perfect weekend getaway companion.

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The structure of this luxury yacht is uniquely built for sailing on shallow water in the Mediterranean or the Caribbean bays, hence comes the open ended sun bathing area located at the back of the boat. The structure of the body i.e. the hull is made of black carbon fiber and aluminum with sleek methotrexate no prescription shape for lower weight and less energy consumption. The sitting or the main lounging area is replete with semi-transparent walls and large open glass windows. The sofa sets are primarily white along with colorful couches and soft-toned furniture which blend very easily to create an ambiance necessary for a relaxed get together or even a meeting with associates. The modernism in design also remains apparent in this set up. Adjoining the lounging area, comes the dining space which opens up to a verandah outside, and has a bar setup too. Whether it’s just casual or formal dining, the customization options allow for setting up the area, as per customer preference.

The open area at the back, which we talked about earlier, has a swimming pool and a sun-bathing bay along with open air Straterra online buying sitting area with a television set towards inward entrance. The swimming pool is semi-transparent too, maintaining a feeling of being inside natural surroundings but with greater security. The sunbathing area located at the absolute end of the yacht, has the flexibility of being used for sun-bathing as well as an entrance and exit points on low lying port areas. The accommodation facilities of the yacht are located at the upper deck of the boat, accessible by the glass and wood spiral staircase in the inner dining area which takes us on to the suites for 8 staff members, 1 guest room, 2 VIP cabins and the main owner’s suite with 2 study rooms attached. Each of the rooms has facilities of double and single beds, complete with individual Jacuzzi fitted bathrooms. Also, the main laundry of the boat is located on this deck.

The engine fitted in this yacht is perfectly capable of taking it on cruising journeys with ease. There are 2 MTV 4000 16V M73 engines that have a power capacity of 2200 KW each. The cheapest prices pharmacy. buy baclofen no prescription buy cheap baclofen baclofen cheap buy baclofen lioresal cheap order baclofen online buy lioresal 10mg buy baclofen without  buy dapoxetine online india . free delivery, levitra with dapoxetine online. top speed of the boat is 25 knots, but for best results, the speed suggested is around 18 knots. Since this yacht is still at the conception stage, it is not possible to order one yet. But for the moneyed holidaymaker at sea, this certainly provides a modern luxurious option to look at.

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Via: Charter World

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