Reclusive Heiress Huguette Clark: The Fight Over Her Multi-Million Dollar Will

Britney Scott / August 27, 2013

Huguette Clark died at the age of 104 in 2011 and she was more commonly known as the ‘reclusive heiress’ who lived a lonely life dominated by her fascination for dolls.  According to her last will and testament she apparently left her entire fortune to her former employees, doctor and lawyer.  This has caused a legal battle between her distant family members as settlement negotiations are being conducted to divide the entire $300 million estate of the heiress with just one moth left before the trial begins.

Apparently, Huguette Clark, heiress to a railroad, timber and copper fortune, was childless and spent that remaining twenty years of her life at Beth Israel Medical Center until her death in 2011.  After her death, the will signed by Miss Clark was challenged by 19 of her distant relatives who stated that she was mentally incompetent when she signed her will.  She was fraudulently made to sign the will by her accountant, attorney and nurse.  However, out of the 19 relatives, 14 of them confessed that they had never met their aunt, who preferred a simple lifestyle contrary to what her wealth could give her.

A jury trial will  commence  September 17th in Surrogate’s Court in Manhattan in which Ms. Clark’s relatives would be fighting a legal battle against the beneficiaries of her will which include several employees, a doctor, an accountant, an attorney, a goddaughter, her nurse, a hospital as well as a charitable foundation.

The court discovered some disturbing allegations concerning when the papers were filed in July in the battle over the heiress’s fortune.    According to the New York Post, Ms. Clark was incoherently mumbling and was too weak to hold the pen when she had apparently placed her signatures on the $300 million fortune will wherein the beneficiaries were her doctor, lawyer and other employees.

The reclusive heiress’ relatives are contesting the will as they believe that it was not properly executed and that Ms. Clark was unaware of what she was doing.  In the beginning of the month, it was announced that a sensational book would soon be released that would give a biographical account of the tragic and queer life of the reclusive heiress Huguette Clark.  The book will offer an insight about her love for life-sized dolls and her passion for building miniature castles.

Behind closed doors: Few people entered the 42-room home of the reclusive heiress which was filled with rare dolls.  Splurging on dolls was common for Ms. Clark and her childhood obsessions soon overtook her adult-life, making her live in her own dream world.  She was an avid collector of rare Japanese and French dollars and would spend millions of dollars to build her collection.  The heiress hardly ventured out, one of the places she would go to was the Christian Dior fashion show so that she could buy new dresses for her dolls.

The long and tragic life of Ms. Clark was spent by herself and despite being the mistress of a huge fortune which she inherited from her father’s copper mines- she lived to regard her wealth as ‘a menace to happiness’.

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