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The Recreational floating island is a perfect toy for the billionaire’s superyacht

Andrea Divirgilio / February 3, 2012

When we covered the Island Paradise superyacht and the Wally Yacht previously, we were certainly fascinated about the concept of having a luxury yacht, whose aft deck would be a mini beach-cum-island, or simply having your private island on the deck of your yacht. Along with great design, it was also a new direction for concept and utility in the space of luxury yachts, which still remain a favorite toy of the billionaires. Now ushering in a further new concept of having a floating island with the yacht, is the BMT Nigel Gee and Henry Ward presentation, the Recreational Island.

Recreational floating island by Henry Ward and BMT Group

Built with a folding mechanism in 10m x 8m of total size after deployment, the Recreational Island open up as a floating platform with its own fixtures, which accompanies the yacht along its cruises at sea. Due to the folding design, it can be either put away or opened up for use with convenience, and storage becomes rather easy in the yacht’s bay area. Along the cruise, when there is a shallow area where the yacht cannot venture out, simply anchor your vessel, crane out your private island by the yacht’s side, unfold and simply enjoy your outdoor recreational in the midst of the open air. For those worrying about the crane part, it isn’t something which might be as cumbersome as a normal one. It would be comparatively lightweight, and would be good enough for moving this private island around.

Recreational floating island by Henry Ward and BMT Group

Henry Ward who is still a student, is in the process of refining the design even further. Amongst his many ideas, he is looking to develop a flexible yet rugged platform, where detachable surfaces like these can double up as sun deck or helipads, without being too cumbersome to move around. But looking at the designs here, we sure are impressed with his creativity and hope some billionaire out there thinks the same too.

Recreational floating island by Henry Ward and BMT Group

Via: Charter World/ Recreational Island

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