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Red Imperial Chinese Qing Bowl Sells for $9.5 Million

Andrea Divirgilio / April 9, 2013

Chinese Imperial art pieces seem to be the hottest selling items on the auction block these days. After a recent auction saw a rare Chinese bowl found at a garage sale, sell for $2.25 million, another Qing Dynasty red bowl has been sold for $9.5 million. This event, conducted by Sotheby’s saw the rare Chinese bowl sell for the mentioned amount, just after 11 bids by a known figure of the art collection scene, William Chak. He had bid on behalf of a group of investors, who were interested in the art piece, known to date back to the times of the Qing Dynasty, most likely the late 1710′s. Nicolas Chow, who is Sotheby’s ceramics expert, had commented that the bowl was in near perfect condition, and was one of the earliest pieces of Imperial art in the country, which used techniques mastered in the west.

Qing Dynasty Chinese bowl

This bowl has been on the lookout for William Chak for quite sometime. In 1999, when it had last changed hands for $1.5 million via a Sotheby’s auction, he was one of the bidders for the bowl but had lost out in the bid. This time hopefully, he has managed to successfully complete his run up to winning the bids against all others. He has however, gone on to mention that there will be a chance for other bidders to vouch for this rare piece of art, after 5 years when he intends to sell the bowl. He feels, that there really isn’t any kind of ‘bubble’ for these kind of items, and by that time, there will be higher bids for the artifact.

Qing Dynasty Chinese bowl

Looking at bowl, the oriental vessel retains a rich red color on which varied patterns of lotus flowers have been painted, virtually interwoven into each other. 11cm wide, this bowl has white inner surface and base, where blue enameling has the 6-character blue scribbling ‘Kangxi Yuzhi’ mark.

Qing Dynasty Chinese bowl

Via: Sotheby’s

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