RED unveils $42,000 Epic-M Monochrome cinema camera

Andrea Divirgilio / September 10, 2012

Absolutely Epic; featuring 5K sensor capable of capturing 1 to 120 frames per second at full resolution, RED’s remarkable Epic camera which was cited as the next generation of digital cinema, has now got its new black & white version, the Epic-M Monochrome. This exclusively new $42,000 black & white cinema camera from the master manufacturer of digital cinematography equipment follows in the footsteps of the $8,000 Leica Monochrome camera which was the first ever digital camera especially designed for black and white photography. Notably, it’s been reported that American film and music video director known for his dark and stylish thrillers such as Fight Club, Alien 3, Seven and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is also shooting his current project solely on Epic-M Monochrome cameras.

Red Camera unveils $42,000 Epic-M Monochrome cinema camera

RED’s Epic-M Monochrome comes loaded with an all-new black-white and white-only Mysterium-X Monochrome sensor, which RED claims offers a total of 15-20 percent of increase in effective resolution over its chromatic cousin, along with the removal of the debayer process, resulting in the usage of every single individual pixel for luminance/image data.

The camera also incorporates new Low Pass Filter to accommodate the reduced pixel pitch and higher resolution, while the native ISO of 2,000, which is almost double than that of the Epic-M or Epic-X, delivers incredible sensitivity gain.

Pre-orders of this exclusive $42,000 (brain only) camera opened today, and the shipping will start on October 1st.

Speaking more about the cameras, we have earlier seen some of the world’s most expensive cameras, besides the recent sale of rare 1923 Leica camera which got sold for whopping $2.8 million.

Via: EnGadget

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