Redpoint Model A turntable looks hot in red!

Andrea Divirgilio / December 5, 2008

redpoint turntable teQKf 48

When you are shelling out some good bucks for a piece of passé technology like a turntable, you indubitably want it to be the one and only. Enter the Redpoint Model A turntable, which could be a great Christmas gift for your friend who thinks that the best way to listen to music is on a high-quality analog turntable. The Model A Testa Rossa has been built upon a solid billet base of aluminum with a composite Teflon platter, damped by silicone oil. Although black is the standard finish, the Redpoint turntable is available in a number of stunning custom finishes. Go for the red one if you have to buy it for your girl. Arm pods are custom designed to suit the customer’s liking. You can even go for additional arm pods to accommodate additional arms. The gorgeous Redpoint Model A turntable sells for £10,500.

Via: Redpoint

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