The Refined Hardware Watch Makers debuts new Watches

Andrea Divirgilio / November 23, 2012

Based out of Los Angeles, California, the Refined Hardware is the new generation of watchmakers, all set to to make their presence felt in the world of luxury watches with its functionally and mechanically beautiful pieces crafted for the modern man. This company’s exclusive made-to-order pieces and industrial designs are anything but traditional. And just in time for Christmas, the watch brand has released its ‘Harbinger Edition’ that boasts a blend of raw steel, aerospace titanium, and American alligator.

Harbinger Edition

The piece features a skeletonized movement in a patent pending ‘cage’ case, and ‘organic spring bar’. Each piece is built to order by one craftsman per piece and personally addressed to the commissioning buyer. Available in numbered editions, the watch comes in a hand laid carbon fiber and Italian leather box with a polished steel plaque, which makes it a perfect gift for the watch lover in your friends and family.

Refined Hardware

The watchmaker is accepting orders with the first watch shipping out this month. The Harbinger watches are available in a limited edition of 125 total pieces with around half of the pieces already accounted for. Additionally, all Harbinger owners will receive a lifetime discount on all future pieces from Refined Hardware, such as their upcoming ‘Carbon Tourbillon’ and ‘Bronze Diver.’

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