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Rejuvenate while getting tanned on Rejuvasun spa bed

Andrea Divirgilio / May 21, 2008

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Whether you are all set to jet off to a vacation in the tropics or just want to look your best, halt and get the an exceptional bronze look with the latest ETS Rejuvasun spa bed. Although there is a lot of speculation on the pros and cons of artificial tanning, I feel that even the natural tanning via sun rays isn’t safe either with the UVA and more aggressive UVB rays. So if you desire to acquire a perfect tan for reasons best known to you, then you can rejoice as two of the world-leading companies have come together to create the first indoor tanning bed that features FDA-cleared, clinically proven light therapy technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate skin in the face and neck areas. The new Rejuvasun with Omnilux is the result of the Indianapolis-based ETS Tan, the global leader in manufacturing and distributing indoor tanning beds and Carlsbad, the world leader in light therapy.

It comes equipped with a special non-tanning, pulsating LED unit, giving off low-energy light pulses in specific frequencies and colors of light that can help skin appear smoother and younger looking. With the Rejuvasun spa bed, you can reap the benefits of LED light technology at a fraction of the cost within 20 minutes only. Also bid adieu to the problems of redness, or peeling. Omnilux Light Therapy has many advantages as through light therapy, or photomodulation, the body stimulates its own cellular mechanisms and improves the firmness of the skin, skin tone and skin clarity.

You also have the option of to experience full-body tanning and light therapy sessions for the face and neck areas simultaneously, tanning sessions alone or light therapy sessions alone. Great isn’t it?

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