Relicta launches aeronautical furniture made of old aircraft part for state-of-the-art homes

Andrea Divirgilio / November 21, 2011

Relicta aeronautical desk

Sometimes we have wondered what happened to those airplanes and jets, which either crashed out or were deemed redundant; one rather aesthetic and eco-friendly method was turning them into designer furniture like chairs and tables. After we saw the Tip Tank chair, David Catta Aviator and the Timothy Oulton aviation chairs, it’s Relicta which has entered into the business of converting redundant aircraft parts, into aesthetic furniture for high end homes. Formed in 2010 by Rosario Gallina and Tuziano Rutilo, Relicta specializes in creating such abstract furniture from old airplane parts, and giving them a new life.

Relicta aeronautical table

Recycling spare parts have been on the scheme of things, but doing so with aesthetic appeal, is something which has seen an upturn only in the recent years. Tons of solid waste gets generated from industries and households every year, and it does become a concern for recycling after looking at the enormous volumes. Relicta specializes in this area, by giving them a 2nd lease of life, making them into into attractive furniture for designer homes, which demand something out of the ordinary. Desks get created with the wing, flap or stabilisator. Coffee tables also from wings, flaps, engine parts, seats and nose cowls of the Boeing 737 & 747, and as per what the customer might look for, each of them are truly one-of-a-kind examples of art and décor combined. After a successful foray into Belgium, Relicta will now look to gather more customers and fans like for the markets in Asia, and other European countries like Russia. We are just here wishing them luck!

Relicta aeronautical table

Via: Relicta/ Designmena

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