Replica of Queen Elizabeth’s Crown jewels worth $17,000 goes on auction
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Replica of Queen Elizabeth’s Crown jewels worth $17,000 goes on auction

Replica of Queen Elizabeth’s Crown jewels worth $17,000 goes on auction

Replica of Queen Elizabeth's Crown jewels

The Sixtieth year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign will forever go down in the pages of history as one marked by mesmerizing creations themed solely and completely around the royals and their priced possessions. After the magnificent 3D version of buy zoloft 50mg buy zoloft online usa generic zoloft Queen’s crown by Asprey, now comes another bedazzling replica of the royal jewel. While it may not be 3D this time around, yet the QVC version of the Queen’s coronation crown could just be as good as the original.

To celebrate the diamond jubilee year of Queen Elizabeth’s ascension to the throne, QVC, the TV shopping channel have created the Diamonique Jubilee Crown- a near exact replica of its breathtaking original. The crown will be offered for auction at QVC with the proceeds going directly to Breast Cancer Care. So, here you have a royal crown that packs onto itself three great causes- patriotism, charity Disulfiram online dapoxetine price in canada dapoxetine by mail order buy dapoxetine uk prescription discount prices buy generic dapoxetine online australia discounts generic estrace cream cost. estradiol 17 beta ser normal levels estradiol gel price metformin er 500mg tab amn estradiol watson 488 01 cream cost. ethinyl  and of course love for jewelry.

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Created originally for King George VI’s coronation, the nation’s most popular item in the Crown Jewels collection, took eight long months to create. However, thanks to rapid technological advancements the Diamonique version surfaced within a mere thirty days. Estimated to sell for a whopping $17,000, the crown’s replica will, no doubt, be a pricey purchase.

While the Diamonique crown features 2,276 diamond replicas, the original jewel was adorned by the Second Star of Africa, which, at 317.4 carats, is considered to be the second largest cut diamond in the world. In addition to 2,868 diamonds on silver mounts, the original crown also flaunts seventeen sapphires, 269 pearls in gold mounts methotrexate no prescription and eleven emeralds.

All said and done, there is but one area where Diamonique beats the 1937 original. At 1.5 Kg, it is a tad heavier than the original crown which weighed 0.9 Kg. Needless to say buyers at the shopping channel are all kicked about the latest offering. Speaking to MailOnline, Vanessa Priest a Jewelry buyer revealed that –“We are sure the crown will make its new owner feel like they are the queen of the castle."

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