Reposo humidor suits every discerning cigar collector’s needs

Andrea Divirgilio / March 8, 2010

reposo humidor 1

Before you would retire to the smoking room after dinner, to appreciate the fine flavor and aroma of your favorite cigar, you might consider a perfect humidor to complete the accomplishment. Here’s the Reposo by Carsten Schroeter, who developed this high-tech humidor together with medical electronic engineers and glass, wood and metal specialist growers. The patented design of the humidor combines design, function and sustainability. The developers have incorporated recent findings from the fields of water disinfection and the electronically controlled humidification into the development. Crafted in a rigid glass body combining timeless and minimalist design, the Reposo seems like a translucent vault in perfect harmony with the natural materials used. Featuring Cedro-scented woods in the interior without coatings and veneers, the Reposo guarantees the longevity of the precious cigars without hurting its contents. Offering the most modern cigar storage facility, the Reposo priced at $33,000, is tailor-made to suit every discerning cigar collector’s needs.

reposo humidor 2

Thanks, Carsten!

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