Résidence Supérieur redefines luxury with the Black Card

Andrea Divirgilio / December 6, 2008

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This news is meant only for the most affluent of the society. Richard Nilsson, founder of the extreme luxury and lifestyle company Résidence Supérieur, is ready to set a new standard for the luxury lifestyle with the Black Card. The exclusive Black Card will be made available to only 50 members across the world and the annual membership fee will be a cool 200,000 euros. Very much like the members of the mysterious 2-20 Club, the Black Card holders will be offered access to the entire Résidence Supérieur concept, with the best service when it comes to properties, cars, private jets, yachts, events, entertainment and the Supérieur Connoisseur lifestyle. The members will get access to these services within six hours notice. The Black Card, which aims to be one of the most exclusive memberships in the world, will be introduced on the 8th of December.

Thanks: Richard Nilsson

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