Review Of James Bond’s New Aston Martin Car
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Review Of James Bond’s New Aston Martin Car

Review Of James Bond’s New Aston Martin Car

On December 4th 2014, James Bond’s New Aston Martin car was unveiled to the world with lots of praise and admiration by fans. This luxury DB10 model would be featured on the next Bond film entitled “Spectre,” which is to be released on November 2015. According to the manufacturers, only ten of these classic vehicles have been made so far, even though they won’t be available for sale to members of the public until further notice.



1. It houses a powerful 4.7lit 8-cylider engine that quietly sits beneath the elegant svelte bonnet.

2. DB10’s interior panels have been made from quality carbon-fiber material which is both stylish and durable.

3. It features a sleek stylish design that will serve as the blueprint for future Aston Martin models.

4. Retractable roof panels that allow for easy egress, comfort and maneuverability of the driver and his passenger.

5. Critics have called the vehicle a highly distinctive and timeless masterpiece, with cutting-edge body features that levitate the traditional Aston Martin design to a whole new level. This together with the all-new exterior form make it the car to die for.


The relationship that exists between this luxury car brand and James Bond movies can be traced back to 50 yrs. DB5 first appeared in one-time classic “Goldfinger” where it bore exciting qualities such as hanging gun barrels, rotating license plates and bullet-proof back shield. It was later sold to a private vintage car collector in 2010, of course after appearing in numerous other Bond films. This model was the precursor of DB10 which is expected to add even more action to the popular flick.

A little bit of secrecy is expected on this particular vehicle, the manufacturers didn’t release all its specifications at once hoping that viewers will finally get to see what it has to offer come release day. Remember that the automobile was built for a fictional British spy, meaning that the element of mystery had to be included.

Bond In Motion - Photocall

James Bond’s New Aston Martin vehicle was first announced by producer Barbara Broccoli and director Sam Mendes, being part of Spectre’s official press team. The company’s top engineering team was summoned to create this vehicle, which just goes to show how special the DB10 is. The car has pioneered a sharp departure from the present familiar design, which premiered with DB9 way back in 2003.

There’s already market hype for the movie’s official release date, with fans eagerly anticipating the trailer which is soon to be released. It would give enthusiasts a sneak-peek review of what to expect in the vehicle once the clip comes out. For years, AM has served as the hallmark of classic sports cars all around the world, this tradition was further advanced when James Bond creators decided to feature the vehicle in their films. But that’s not all, the fact that they have continued to use it year after year for consecutive clips just goes to show how special this car is compared to others that are already in the market. In a short press statement, officials from the Aston Martin Company said that they were grateful and privileged for being part of the new James Bond film.

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