The Revolutionary LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp With No Hot Surfaces

Andrea Divirgilio / October 5, 2012

With a convincing thought that there’s always a better way to incorporate LED lighting for the homes, the Gen-X engineers at Radast Design, LLC, the creator of cutting edge lighting applications, has now unveiled the LightDrive table lamp. Debuted on Kickstarter, this revolutionary new concept in luxury lighting actually challenges the norm and redefines performance, reliability and efficiency by combining cutting-edge high output LEDs with optical waveguide technology to separate light delivery from heat generation. This groundbreaking bulb-less bright table lamp that is maintenance-free, uses earth-friendly components, and has no exposed hot surfaces is a result of two years of prototyping and has been masterly engineered with attention to detail.

LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp

LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp

With a passion for industrial design and professional background rooted in high-tech research and development, the engineers Raj, Dave, and Steve at Radast Design created this LightDrive table lamp that offers a novel approach to light output and thermal management.

LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp

Technically, this contemporary table lamp which operates at only 13 Watts uses a specially engineered Total Internal Reflection channel to direct light from high powered LEDs in the base to the top of the lamp where it is softly diffused.

LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp

And, a system of precision engineered aluminum components carefully manages the the heat, resulting in a neutral to touch lamp exterior with no exposed hotspot.

LightDrive Table Lamp: A Bulb-less LED Lamp

Further, Radast Design also states that since the LED will last for 15+ years, they have designed the rest of the lamp to last a lifetime and to look timeless.

LightDrive Table Lamp

Available on Kickstarter, the LightDrive Table Lamp comes in Ebony Pearl black and Arctic Pearl white finishes for an introductory pledge of $450, along with further options which includes the option to customize the table lamp with the backer’s choice of shade and color.

Besides, also we have recently seen the handcrafted Machine Lights by Frank Buchwald that boasts an astronomical form, and the carbon fiber OLED table lamp that has an ultra-sturdy carbon-fabric base.

Via: RadastDesign

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