owned by Bill Gates Xanadu 2.0

Billionaire Bill Gates lives in an uber-modern house ...

owned by Bono Killiney mansion

Bono owns this large Manor style house in Dublin and ...

Fifth Avenue apartment
44 Million
owned by Rupert Murdoch Fifth Avenue apartment

Global Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch owns an apartment ...

The Castle
22 Million
owned by Michael Dell The Castle

Michael Dell's house or more appropriately, “< ...

The Cyan yacht
25 Million
owned by Bono The Cyan yacht

U2’s lead vocalist Bono owns a luxury yacht, T ...

owned by Rupert Murdoch Vertigo yacht

Rupert Murdoch has added a second luxury yacht to hi ...

owned by Steve Jobs Venus Feadship Yacht

Revise: The dream yacht of late Ste ...

Eclipse yacht
800 Million
owned by Roman Abramovich Eclipse yacht

The 163.5 meter yacht (536 feet) Eclipse is the worl ...

Grand Bogue Caye
25 Million
owned by Bill Gates Grand Bogue Caye

Through his world’s largest software company M ...

New Holland Island
400 Million
owned by Roman Abramovich New Holland Island

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich spent $400 mill ...

Indigo Island
35 Million
owned by Bernard Arnault Indigo Island

The French billionaire privately owns this $35 milli ...

North Island
35 Million
owned by Mikhail Prokhorov North Island

North Island is a beautiful small granitic island (2 ...

owned by Bono U2 360/BlueLine MD-83 F-GMLK

He hired Airbus A310s from French company Blue LIne ...

Gulfstream 550
48.2 Million
owned by Rupert Murdoch Gulfstream 550

Gulfstream 550 is arguably the world's most versatil ...

Gulfstream V
48.2 Million
owned by Michael Dell Gulfstream V

The owner of Dell also owns a luxurious Gulfstream 5 ...

Gulfstream V Jet
88 Million
owned by Steve Jobs Gulfstream V Jet

"Steve's private jet was offered to him by the Apple ...

Necker Nymph
702 Thousand
owned by Richard Branson Necker Nymph

Not everyone has the dream of flying in the skies &m ...

owned by James Cameron Triton submarine

James Cameron owns a fleet of submarine from the day ...

Yellow Submarine
12 Million
owned by Paul Allen Yellow Submarine

The latest plaything in the billionaire's playground ...

owned by Bill Gates

Gates love reading magazines and journals. His regul ...

owned by Bono

He loves to play guitar, but is a better singer than ...

owned by Michael Dell

His hobby became his business when in college he fel ...

owned by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a die-hard Bob Dylan fan.  He us ...

1999 Porsche 911 convertible
80 Thousand
owned by Bill Gates 1999 Porsche 911 convertible

The Porsche 911 Carrera is a love at the first sight ...

owned by Bono 1980 Mercedes 450 SEL

Perhaps, 1980 Mercedes 450 SEL is the first luxury C ...

Range Rover
100 Thousand
owned by Rupert Murdoch Range Rover

Manufactured by the iconic brand Land Rover, Range R ...

2004 Porsche Boxster
50 Thousand
owned by Michael Dell 2004 Porsche Boxster

Michael Dell owns a 2004 Porsche Boxster which is a ...

owned by Bill Gates

The first time Bill and Melinda met was in 1987, whe ...

owned by Bono "Alison was a student at Mount Temple Comprehensive Sch ...
owned by Michael Dell

While husband Michael is busy running Dell, Susan is ...

owned by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs chose to marry at his favorite location, ...

owned by Bill Gates West Greenland

Bill’s favorite holiday getaway is the Apussui ...

owned by Bono Mercury Islands

Mercury Island is a private island off the northeast ...

owned by Michael Dell Anguilla Anguilla is known for its beautiful beaches and pristin ...
owned by Steve Jobs Yosemite National park

Yosemite is internationally recognized for its spect ...

owned by Bill Gates Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Founded in 1994 after the death of Bill’s moth ...

owned by Bono DATA

Debt, AIDS, Trade, Africa (or DATA) was a multinatio ...

owned by Michael Dell Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation was set up i ...

owned by Roman Abramovich Restoration of Moscow Gallery of contemporary art

Abramovich supported the cause of Russian Art once m ...

4 Thousand
owned by Oleg Deripaska

White color Labrador and the name of his pet is Leo< ...

owned by Sir Paul McCartney

McCartney had a sheepdog who was named after imagina ...

owned by Leonardo DiCaprio

French Bull Dogs are an adorable species of dogs, wh ...

owned by Cristiano Ronaldo It is a Labrador dog (Marosca) that is known as one of ...
Codex Leicester (Book)
30.8 Million
owned by Bill Gates Codex Leicester (Book)

Bought by Bill Gates in 1994 in an auction for a rec ...

owned by Steve Jobs Ansel Adams photography

Steve Jobs Woodhouse mansion was full of black and w ...

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (Painting)
33 Million
owned by Roman Abramovich Benefits Supervisor Sleeping (Painting)

The Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is a prolif ...

owned by Bernard Arnault Contemporary Art

Bernard Arnault is an avid art collector and is know ...

owned by Bill Gates Microsoft Spot Watch

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, nev ...

owned by Bono Bulgari

Bono was seen spotting a custom made Bulgari Sunglas ...

owned by Michael Dell Rolex

The oyster perpetual Rolex Yacht-Master, is the ulti ...

owned by Steve Jobs Levis Jeans

He started out his career wearing expensive suits in ...