Anil Ambani | $ 6.3 Billion
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Anil Ambani Net Worth

Net Worth $ 6.3 Billion
Anil Ambani
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Born on: 4th Jun 59 Born in: India Marital status: Married Occupation: Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
Anil  Ambani  net worth is estimated at $6.3 billion according to Forbes as of 2015. Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian business tycoon and the son of legendary businessman and visionary Dhirubhai Ambani. After the division of the Reliance group in 2006, he became the chairman of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, which is composed of high growth companies like Reliance Communications, Reliance Big Entertainment, Reliance Capital, Reliance Energy and Reliance Natural Resources Ltd.  Anil  Ambani  net worth allowed him to investment worth $825 million in Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios to coproduce movies has catapulted him into a major player in the global entertainment business. In addition, his company Reliance Power Ltd.’s 3 billion dollar IPO is the biggest ever and was subscribed within a minute of being listed in 2008. However,  Anil  Ambani  net worth have seen a sharp decline as he has lost more than 50 percent of his wealth due to the plunging shares of his holdings. Billions of dollars evaporated from his reserves since 2008, owing to various factors, the most recent being accusations regarding the involvement of his company over granting of 2G spectrums, which has seen 3 of his top executives being arrested. Often dubbed as “Marathon man” in media circles, Anil Ambani is a self-confessed fitness fanatic who rises early in morning to jog in his plush neighborhood, while his chauffeur drives behind him slowly . Anil is not only keen in growing  Anil  Ambani  net worth but is also a health conscious persona as he follows a disciplined lifestyle; he doesn’t drink or smokes, and prefers a strict vegetarian diet. This younger heir to the legendary Dhirubhai Ambani’s legacy has a penchant for designer labels and latest gadgets. He has splurged a minuscule share of  Anil  Ambani  net worth on his private jets and a yacht that he got built as a gift for his beautiful wife, Tina Munim, a celebrated Bollywood actress of yester years who also oversees a hospital in Mumbai named after his mother.
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Anil Ambani Estates and Homes (1)

The Sea Wind

The Sea Wind

Sea Wind is the fabulous home of the entire Ambani family. The much-talked about house has 14 floors, with the roof of the top floor being used as a helipad for taking off and landing helicopters. The house was built under personal supervision of Nita Ambani, the first lady of the Ambani empire and wife of Anil’s elder brother Mukesh Ambani.


Location: Sea Wind is located at Cuff Parade, an upmarket neighborhood in South Mumbai. 


Interiors and Decor: The house's walls are adorned with paintings of famous Indian artists like M F Hussain, Raza and Anjolie Ela Menon. The ancient workmanship on the walls and roof, accentuated by Venetian glass formations demands a second look. The huge windows provide a breathtaking city view. 


The Neighborhood: Famous residents of the area includes the family of world renowned painter MF Hussain. 

The Sea Wind

The Sea Wind
Sea Wind is the fabulous home of the entire Ambani family.

Multi-storey apartment

Multi-storey apartment
The home has multiple floors dedicated to parking

Anil Ambani Yachts (1)

Tian yacht


Anil Ambani gifted his celebrated wife Tina, a super luxury yacht, to fulfill her long cherished dream to own one. Tina’s billionaire hubby reportedly spent whooping $84 million to buy this yacht made in Genova, Italy, and named Tian-using the first two letters of Tina and Anil. The Tian got both looks and substance and is said to be the most feature rich yacht owned by an Indian. Owing this yacht has placed Anil and his wife Tina in the clubs of rich Indians like liquor baron Vijay Mallya, Gautam Singhania, who also have fallen to the charms of super luxury yachts.  

Anil Ambani Private jets (4)

Bell 412

Anil Ambani purchased this 13 seater helicopter in 2001. It has an advanced four blade main rotor with a smaller diameter that replaced the 212's two blade rotor. This helicopter came into news when it was reportedly sabotaged before Anil was about to aboard it for a business trip.

Global Express

The Global Express aircraft is an ultra-long range business jet. It has an amazing feature to fly over 5,950 nautical miles. It boats a 14.73 m-long cabin and is well equipped with noise and vibration control system. This makes it a perfect choice for him to hold meetings on board. Its luxurious amenities include customized interior layouts including an office and a stateroom.

Falcon 2000


One of the favorite jets of the Indian business tycoon Anil Ambani, “Falcon 2000” is a Transcontinental range corporate jet which completely matches his fashion. With the ability to sprint up to 3,800 nautical miles at M.80, the splendid jet completes shorter trips in no time.

Interiors: Anil’s majestic 8 seater jet features stunning interiors with a lavish cockpit design, custom designed professional cabin offering LCD screens for absolute leisure and easily accommodates up to 19 passengers in a high density layout.

Technical Specifications: Falcon 2000 is powered by two high performance Pratt & Whitney 308C engines and outfitted with Dasssault’s EASy Cockpit system for enhanced safety and information management. The magnificent jet has a wing span of 19.33m and wing area of 527.6sq.ft.

Custom professional design

Custom professional design
Custom designed professional cabin in Falcon 2000, it also offers LCD screens for complete entertainment

The cockpit

The cockpit
The cockpit of Falcon 2000

Falcon 2000's Wing

Falcon 2000's Wing
The majestic jet has a wing span of 19.33m and wing area of 527.6sq.ft

Falcon 7X

The Falcon 7X made a place in Anil Ambani's jets because of its breakthrough design and extraordinary capabilities. Its unique features include a 5,950 nautical mile nonstop range and its unbeatable versatility.

Anil Ambani Hobbies (2)

Enjoys eating

Anil Ambani love to explore different foods. He is a complete foodie.

Fitness Freak

Away from the limelight
Anil Ambani is very much concerned about his health and follows a healthy lifestyle. In his daily routine he wakes up early and goes for a walk.

Fitness Freak

Fitness Freak
Anil Ambani loves walking and running to keep himself fit

Anil Ambani Autos and Cars (5)

Land Rover

Land Rover
He is a complete car freak and loves to drive himself his Land Rover. This vehicle is an amalgamation of luxurious features, exquisite craftsmanship and powerful off road prowess.


It has some amazingly unique features which make it one of the favorite cars of Mr Ambani. It include extra 1.6 inches in the wheelbase, interior dimensions have also grown. Rear-seats now enjoy 6.3 inches of fore-and-aft sliding, as well as an adjustable backrest.Other interior features include Bluetooth, Bose surround sound and a Burmester high-end surround sound system, a 300 horsepower 3.6-liter V6. This engine is capable of a zero-to-60 sprint of 7.1 seconds with the manual transmission, or 7.4 seconds with the Tiptronic S automatic. Top speed is limited to 142 mph, regardless of transmission.

Lexus SUV

The Lexus SUV is a perfect choice to match the style of Anil Ambani. Its features includes sport tuned suspension, aluminum trim on the interior, a different front fascia, 18-inch wheels, leather interior with heated and ventilated seats, a voice-activated navigation system with rear parking assist and Bluetooth, a radar-enforced Pre-Collision System with Dynamic Radar Cruise control, parking assist, moonroof and much more.

Mercedes GLK350

Mercedes 350

The Mercedes 350 is one of the most relaxing cars ever built. It has the very powerful V6 engine, which throttles it to a speed of 60 mph in 6.5 seconds. .

Lamborghini Gallardo


He is passionate about cars and also has an enviable collection of them. He has a yellow Lamborghini that he uses on weekends. The car is considered the ultimate in style, power and opulence.

Anil Ambani Wedding (1)

Tina Munim

Anil Ambani married Tina Munim in the year 1991. 

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