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Caleb Followill Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 10 Million
Caleb Followill
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Born on: 14th Jan 82 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Musician
Born Caleb Followill has an estimated net worth of $10 million. Caleb Followill is a noted American musician who is one of the founding members of the rock band “Kings of Leon” which was started by Followill along with two of his sibling brothers and a cousin. The role of rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist is performed with aplomb by Followill for the band which has gained rapid popularity with the American public since its launch in 1999. Caleb’s albums have made the top 5 list of many popular musical countdown shows and been honored with two BRIT and one Grammy award. The phenomenal success enjoyed by Followill in his musical career has paid off in the form of impressive financial gains and today the guitarist’s net worth is estimated to be in excess of $5 million. Quite a decent chunk of this fat bank balance has come in the form of sales proceeds from his hit albums. Live musical performances staged by “Kings of Leon” are usually completely sold out well in advance netting impressive gate receipt money and Caleb receives about a fifth of the overall revenues. Followill’s impressive financial clout has enabled him to maintain a high living standard. The singer resides in a lavish villa valued at $375,000 along with his family in Nashville, Tennessee. The vocalist is a complete family man and loves to spend quality time with his wife and daughter. Occasionally Caleb travels with his family to exotic holiday destinations like the Bahamas to de-stress himself. The artist has worked very hard to support philanthropic organizations that reach out to poor children. Followill’s rock band has raised about $28 million in a fund raising drive for the charity “Absolute Return for Kids”. The International Red Cross has also received generous funding from the revenues generated during charity music concerts organized by “Kings of Leon”. Caleb Followill was born in a middle class American family in Memphis, Tennessee. His two sibling brothers are an integral part of his rock band. The singer’s father was a Pentecostal evangelist and constantly on the move due to his church related activities around the entire length and breadth of the southern states of the USA. As a result of this Caleb was never able to spend too much time in one place and stayed in different cities like Memphis, Nashville and New York during his childhood years. The artist was once in a relationship with actress Kimberly Stewart for a brief period in 2007 but the couple split up owing to their differences. Immediately after the split Followill started dating Victoria’s Secret angel Lily Aldridge end entered into a committed relationship with her. The couple tied the knot in May 2011 and has been blessed with a daughter after a year of their married life.
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