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Doug Reinhardt
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Born on: 22nd Oct 85 Born in: Marital status: Occupation: Baseball Player

"After break for three months, Paris again found a partner in February 2009 Doug Reinhardt who dated each other for good one year. While they were dating engagement rumors were constantly surrounding. But finally in April 2010 they both split apart as Paris thought Doug was only using her to get more famous. "

Amanda Bynes was briefly dating the American baseball player, Doug Reinhardt in the beginning of 2009. The relationship seemed to move on quite fast with Amanda and Doug canoodling and cozying up all around the town. They even spent the Christmas of 2008 together, vacationing in the Bahamas. But then, Amanda initiated the break-up and separated from the professional sports agent who won some TV audience throughThe Hills. There was speculation that Amanda's friends advised her against him. The relationship was over within a month.

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