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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 50 Million
Heather Mills
Heather Mills
Heather Mills
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Born on: 12th Jan 68 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Divorced Occupation: Model

Heather Anne Mills, the English celebrity shot to fame due to her former career in modeling and her charity activities. She was born on 12th June, 1968 in Aldershot, a small town situated in the English county of Hampshire. She had a very successful career in modeling where he generated a lot of money. Moreover she is a business woman; she owns a restaurant chain, called VBites, which sells only vegetarian foods.

This former model has many exciting stints in her life that literally made her world famous. In 1993, during her visit to London she met a fatal accident on August 8, which severely wounded one of her limbs and later on it had to be amputated. This tragic accident inspired her to form a charity organization for the amputees, known as Heather Mills Trust. She became world famous for her various charity activities. She is a well known preacher vegetarianism and animal rights protection. Her marriage with famous Beatles singer and guitarist, Paul Mc Cartney, brought even more limelight to her life.

Reportedly, the English celebrity has a net worth of around £50 million, which is a rough estimate and the actual figure can actually be even more. She started her career with modeling, where she was immensely successful and was among the highest paid models of her time. She owns a restaurant chain called VBites, which is well known for its vegetarian only menu. Her divorce settlement from her former husband, Paul McCartney actually brought her an awful amount of money. She was a granted a divorce settlement of a whopping £24.3 million plus an annual payment of £35,000

Having a net worth of around £50 million and after a hefty divorce settlement from her former husband Paul McCartney, which amounted to a staggering £24.3 million, definitely she has a lot to spend on her extravagant lifestyle. After this huge payday reportedly went on a spending spree and exhausted around £10 million just within seven months. She spent most of it in a new house with million dollar price tag an outrageously lavish lifestyle.

She had a troubled childhood with an abusive father. Her mother left them when she was just 9 years old and she was bound to look after her younger brother and sister at such an early age. When she was 13 years old, her father went to jail and she went to her mother home to live with her. Later on she left her mother and began a wrack less life being on streets and homeless. She even got involved in some petty crime cases in that period of her life. At 18 she began her modeling career and never looked back again. She’s pretty world famous for her various charity activities. She even once got nominated for Nobel Prize in the category of Peace. Her affair and marriage stint with former Beatle member, Paul McCartney made her even more popular. Her lifestyle has also brought her severe stern controversy in the media world but this steadfast lady barely gave any attention to all these and prefers to live life on her own terms.

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Heather Mills Estates and Homes (2)

Schlosshotel Velden apartments

Schlosshotel Velden apartments

Paul McCartney’s ex-wife who got £24 million in the aftermath of divorce proceedings with the Beatles lead singer in 2008 has found a wise way of spending those millions.  She has splurged a fraction of it on a 400 year old luxury apartment in a $1.5 million castle in Austria. Heather already has two other properties in her portfolio, which she bought after the highly publicized split.


Location: The Schlosshotel Velden is located on ground overlooking the Lake Worthersee in Austria.


Features: Once home to royalty, the castle has now been turned to resort and spa and is an address for many VIP, billionaires and stars. The apartment has been described as a ‘magical hideaway’, which offers breathtaking views of the lake. The two ultra-modern bedroom apartments which Heather Mill has bought were even starred in its own TV soap. The insides of these apartments vary are characterised by wooden floors, large windows for natural light, and ultra luxurious furnishings. 

Panoramic views from the windows

Panoramic views from the windows
The full length windows offer superior views of the landscape

Ultra modern interiors

Ultra modern interiors
The apartment has ultra luxurious interiors and include every modern facility for the owner.

Aerial View

Aerial View
The castle is on the vast grounds overlooking the Lake Worthersee,

Hove Mansion

Heather Mills' Hove Mansion

Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills, an English charity campaigner and former model, sold off her beach front mansion to renowned British DJ Norman Crook, popularly known as “Fatboy Slim’ on December 2012. The deal was formalized after a price tag of $4.5 million was agreed by both the parties. The lavish home originally belonged to the Beatles legend but was allotted to Mills as a part of her multi-million divorce settlement with Sir McCartney. The house served as the residence of Mills and her daughter Beatrice after her divorce was finalized in year 2008, and now will be occupied by Norman along with his wife Zoe Ball. Heather decided to sell the property since these days most of her time is divided between her two Austrian homes.

Location: Mill’s old residence is situated in the small town of Hove in the county of East Sussex in the United Kingdom.

Accommodation: The mansion offers a total living space of 10,500 square feet spread over three floors. The accommodation consists of eight bedrooms, living room, dining space, guest room, walk in pantry, kitchen and seven bathrooms. The staff cottage is situated away from the main building. The mansion sits on a vast 15 acre ground, some of it beautifully landscaped and most of the rest wooded. A long driveway leads to a two car garage.

Features: The entire house is protected from the cold English climate by a state of the art interior heating system. Costly antique furniture adorns most of the rooms of the villa. There's a well-equipped indoor play room, while the outdoor part of the estate possesses a grass tennis court, sand arena, swimming pool, greenhouse and a stable.

Neighborhood: Mill’s former home is located in an area where famous British comedian David Walliams and singer Adele own their private residences.

Heather Mills Autos and Cars (1)

Lexus LX 470

Heather owns a Lexus LX 470

Heather Mills is a well known British model and charity activist. She came to limelight when she lost her left limb after a fatal accident in London. But she was determined enough to carry on her modeling career with a prosthetic limb. She is also the former wife of Beatle member Paul McCartney. Currently she is the vice president of Limbless Association, a charity organization. She is also an active businesswoman. Currently her net worth is estimated to be around $50 million. She is known for her lavish lifestyle, luxury brands, expensive apartments and cars that she prefers.

She is an avid lover of luxury cars and a great fan of SUVs. She owns a Lexus LX 470. LX 470 is considered to be one of the most successful models of cars from the house of Lexus. It’s basically a 4 door SUV. The full size SUV has a front engine and 4 wheel driving mechanism. The design and built up of LX 470 is inspired from globally successful Toyota Land Cruiser.

Heather Mills Wedding (1)

Their marriage was an big ceremony in Castle Leslie and later they went to Seychelles for Honeymoon

Their marriage was an big ceremony in Castle Leslie and later they went to Seychelles for Honeymoon

Heather Mills Cause (5)


Paul McCartney and Heather Mills arrive at the 'Adopt-A-Minefield' Benefit Gala in 2005

Known for her charity work, Heather Anne Mills is an active campaigner. She has been associated with Adopt –A- Minefield since long and actively campaigns for cause of those who have suffered from limb loss as a result of mine blasts. Adopt –A- Minefield helps raising funds for any potential mine clearances and helping those who have suffered over the years in various mine calamities throughout the world. Heather being a charity campaigner helps raise funds for those suffering from limb loss. She donates regularly to the charity in kind and cash, though the exact quantum of donation remains undisclosed. She raises the issue of people suffering from limb loss during her professional assignments and creates awareness among the masses regularly.

Aegis Trust

Heather Mills is proudly associate with Aegis Trust

Being a charity campaigner, Heather Mills is closely associated with multiple charities. Perhaps this was the reason that she chose to associate with Aegis Trust, an independent organization that works on eliminating genocide. This association has given Heather the opportunity to work with vulnerable people who have suffered from genocide in any form. Heather regularly donates to the charity, though she prefers to keep her offerings a secret. The former model and charity campaigner has raised the issue forcefully among her professional circuit and has helped create awareness on various issues concerning genocide.

Farm Sanctuary

Heather is an active charity campaigner

Heather is an active charity campaigner. This has given the former model an opportunity to dwell into various social issues including care for unattended animals. Her association with Farm Sanctuary amply proves this and the former model has been aggressively spearheading the movement of saving animals from the concept of factory farming. Heather through her donations in cash and kind has helped to raise awareness on the issue of animal care and has helped protect thousands of animals that would have otherwise fallen prey to human lust.

World Smile Foundation

World Smile Foundation is another charity with which the former model is associated

World Smile Foundation is another charity with which the former model is associated. Established in 2001, the charity has been set in memory of Harvey Ball. The charity focuses on funding grass root charitable organizations that receive less attention and grants. Harvey Bell has been contributing in cash and kind to the charity and promotes the cause vigorously. Her past public appearances have been a platform for raising attention on the issue and her association with World Smile Foundation has enabled the charity gain increased attention among social organizations.

Airlift Research Foundation

Harvey has also been associated with Airlift Research Foundation

Harvey has also been associated with Airlift Research Foundation since 2008. The research foundation funds orthopedic research and helps those suffering from these injuries. Besides her contributions in cash, Harvey has actively raised the cause of those suffering from orthopedic injuries during her public appearances. Improving the quality of life for war survivors has been an endeavor of Airlift Research Foundation and Harvey has vigorously campaigned for the cause via his efforts.

Heather Mills Brands (2)

Bvlgari 8017B Sunglasses

Heather can be often spotted wearing her Bvlgari 801 17B pair of sunglasses

Heather can be often spotted wearing her Bvlgari 801 17B pair of sunglasses. Bvlgari is a world renowned brand for ultra expensive jewelries and luxury goods. Founded back in 1884, this luxury brand has its headquarter based in Rome, Italy. 8017 B sunglasses have custom made exclusive frames, made with fine Swarovski crystals. They can be easily identified by their signature elliptical design.

Ray-Ban 3362 Sunglasses

Heather Mills Ray Ban 3362 is an aviator style sunglass

When it comes to sun glasses, the Italian brand of fashion sunglasses, Ray Ban is another preferred brand of Heather Mills. Her Ray Ban 3362 is an aviator style sunglass. The elegant golden colored metallic wire frames of the sunglasses grips across the brow. Though the sunglass looks thin and trim, it’s actually sturdily built.

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