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Necker Nymph owned by Richard Branson
702 Thousand

Not everyone has the dream of flying in the skies — some take it to the deep seas. And this is why billionaire Sir Richard Branson commissioned an underwater plane, the Necker Nymph, intended to take visitors to his luxury hideaway, Necker Island, on an underwater joy ride. The £415,0 ...

Triton submarine owned by James Cameron

James Cameron owns a fleet of submarine from the days he was filming the Titanic. Most of the underwater sequences of his movies is shot using his personal fleet. Currently he is planning to dive to the deepest point of the ocean, where only 2 persons have been able to go so far. He is taking thi ...

Yellow Submarine owned by Paul Allen
12 Million

The latest plaything in the billionaire's playground is a fully operational 40-foot yellow submarine for which he has paid a huge sum of $12 million. Allen's craze for these gorgeous water beasts might be the reason that his net worth is only a third to that of Bill Gates. < ...