Rick Dale | $ 2.5 Million
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Rick Dale Net Worth

United States
Net Worth $ 2.5 Million
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Rick
Rick Dale net worth is estimated at around $2.5 million. Dale, expert antique restorer is an American reality television star. Rick Dale  net worth came from his work as reality star in History Channel’s American Restoration and from his owned business’ Rick’s Restoration. Rick Dale has been professionally restoring items for more than 30 years. His show is internationally known as  Kings of Restoration is produced by Leftfield Pictures which contributed much to Rick Dale net worth. Rick’s show chronicles his daily antique restoration activities from his store that he runs together with his teenage son, Tyler, and his  staff. Rick has built his career from passion and unique skill for transforming the rustiest and most beat-up items into like-new products for a higher price tag, a plus factor to Rick Dale net worth. He has worked on items including 1940s gas pump, and rusted-out 1950s soda machine and a classic jukebox with a complex mechanical design. Rick Dale began at age 9 restoring and revitalizing a beat-up bicycle that was a gift from his father, a humble beginning that contributed to Rick Dale net worth.
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Rick Dale Autos and Cars (1)

1951 Ford F100

His 1951 Ford F100 is a one among his many restoration projects which is often seen on his show.

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