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Net Worth $ 60 Million
Ricky martin
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Born on: 24th Dec 71 Born in: Spain Marital status: Married Occupation: Pop Singer and Actor
Ricky  Martín  net worth is estimated at $60 million. Ricky Martin is a world famous Spanish pop singer who first achieved fame as part of the Latin band “Menudo” & later gained even greater prominence as a single artist. He has both Spanish & English language albums to his credit. His album "Livin' la Vida Loca" sold a record 22 million copies worldwide & heralded his arrival as a global superstar which also augmented Ricky  Martín  net worth in return. His other hit releases include Sound Loaded , Almas del Silencio and Life . He has almost single handedly made Latino music popular globally. He is part of the “Hollywood Walk of Fame”. He is the recipient of four Grammy awards. Ricky Martin net worth began to accumulated  due the enormous success he has enjoyed as one of the most popular global pop stars. His primary source of income is from his record sales & performing in live concerts. He is estimated to earn 1 million USD per live show. He owns a restaurant in Miami which helps to add to his bank balance. His acting stints are also a steady source of revenue for him. He had a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with food giant Pepsi. All these comprise Ricky  Martín  net worth of 60 million USD. Ricky Martin leads a very luxurious lifestyle. His Golden Beach Florida home which he sold recently was estimated to be worth around 17 million USD. He owns another 20 million USD luxury home in Florida which has a Mediterranean style of architecture. He also owns a few luxury cars, thanks to Ricky  Martín  net worth. He is involved in a lot of charitable work & has started his own philanthropic organization Fundación Ricky Martin. He has also collaborated with other charity groups like the Sabera Foundation. He played a stellar role in rescuing a few children from the clutches of human trafficking & has been bestowed with an award from the renowned International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children. The US State Department has recognized him as a hero for his efforts in trying to eradicate modern day slavery. This endeavor added charisma to Ricky  Martín  net worth. Ricky Martin personal life has had a few controversies. He was in a relationship with Mexican TV presenter Rebecca for close to 15 years but split from her in 2005. There has been intense media speculation as to whether he is a gay or not. For many years he declined to comment on the matter but finally in 2010 he accepted the fact that he was homosexual. Soon he announced that he was in relationship with another gay man & in early 2012 got married to him in New York. He is the father of twin boys who were born with the help of a surrogate mother.
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Ricky Martin Estates and Homes (1)

New York Condo

New York Condo

Ricky Martin bought a condo apartment valued at $5.9 million in November 2012. Though, the original listed price of the apartment was $6.5 million but Martin managed to land a good bargain and saved close to a half a million bucks in the process. The pop star was on the lookout for a new home ever since after selling off his $16.5 million Miami home last year. The new home will serve as the family residence for Ricky, his two sons and boyfriend Carlos González Abella. The interiors have been designed by famed interior decorator Peter Marino.

Location: Martin’s new home is situated in the 170 East End Avenue building in the upscale Upper East Side neighborhood of New York City.

Accommodation: The apartment offers 3,150 square feet of living space and comes equipped with four bedrooms, living room, dining area, an eat-in kitchen equipped with state-of-the-art electronic appliances and four bathrooms. The basement garage allows Ricky to park two cars simultaneously. The house offers great views of the New York skyline.

Features: The expensive apartment comes loaded with several shared luxury amenities like a fitness center, Pilates room, squash court, library, movie theater, golf simulator, children’s playroom and yoga studio. A powerful centralized air conditioner has been installed inside the house. The kitchen boasts of expensive marble flooring along with Swiss quartzite counters. There is also a windowed mudroom that can easily double up as an office space. Costly modern furniture decorates most of the rooms of the house and the master bathroom has been equipped with a Jacuzzi.

Neighborhood: A-list celebrities including noted filmmaker Woody Allen, pop diva’s Mariah Carey, Madonna and business magnate Michael Bloomberg own residences in close proximity to Martin’s condo apartment.

Kids bedroom

Kids bedroom

The kitchen hall

The kitchen hall

The Family room

The Family room

The master suite

The master suite

Ricky Martin Cause (4)

Yo Amo America Campaign

Ricky Martin supports the Yo Amo America Campaign

I Love America (Yo Amo America) is a campaign of the Inter-American Development Bank that promotes policies and services in strategic areas for development, through artists recognized in the region. Started in 1959, Ricky Martin and Juan Luis Guerra are the brand ambassadors of the inter-American Development bank supporting the campaign in fields like birth registry and gaining access to financial information. The main aim of the IDB is to promote services and policies in critical areas for development.

Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes

Ricky Martin supports the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes program.

The singer actively supports Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes by giving donations. The organization runs one of the biggest diabetes programs in specializing type 1 diabetes research globally. The center has world class facilities including the clinical diabetes care providing to 80%diabetic children in Colorado and thousands of adults within the region receive local and inter-national aid referrals.


Ricky Martin and number of celebrities supports ALAS charity including world's richest man, Carlos Slim Helu

Ricky Martin and number of celebrities supports ALAS charity including world's richest man, Carlos Slim Helu.

Martin is actively involved in supporting the charity “ALAS” by helping millions of children in Latin America facing social stigma to achieve their full capability. The organization's main mission is to provide extensive educational programs and standard “Early Childhood Development” to promote improvement in the public policies of governments.

Ricky Martin Foundation

Martin continues to be one of Habitat for Humanity's most visible supporters.

Through his ongoing philanthropic endeavors in conjunction with his own Ricky Martin Foundation, Ricky Martin continues to be one of Habitat for Humanity's most visible supporters. Martin’s relationship with the organization began in early 2005, when the Ricky Martin Foundation partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build 224 homes in Thailand in response to the Asian tsunami in Dec. 2004. The organization basically promotes the well-being of children world-wide in important fields like education, health and social justice. The principal goal is to abolish child exploitation to secure their own future and give them a more fulfilling life.

Ricky Martin Brands (2)

Ugg Classic Short Boots

Ricky Martin loves wearing Ugg boots (not in the image) has been seen donning them frequently.

Ricky Martin loves wearing these boots has been seen donning them frequently. They are Australia’s famous unisex sheepskin boots and feature double-faced genuine leather for superior comfort along with intricate craftsmanship in the heels and raw seams covering the ankle around mid-calf.

Peg Perego Tender Twin Stroller

This Latino singer has been spotted numerous times putting his twins in this all-weather proof twin stroller on his outings.

This Latino singer has been spotted numerous times putting his twins in this all-weather proof twin stroller on his outings. The Peg Perego Tender Twin Stroller features locking wheels, recliner padded seats, 5- harness seat locks, buckle system, foot adjustable double-rear parking brake, all wheel suspension and height adjustment.

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