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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 180 Million
Ridley Scott
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Born on: 30th Nov 37 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Married Occupation: Director, Producer; Hollywood
Sir Ridley Scott has been in the film making industry since a very long time now and has made a very significant mark in his tenure with the film industry. His first mega hit in 1977 called The Duelists and since then he has given a number of films that are considered to be some of the most promising and breakthrough works in Hollywood. Sir Ridley Scott has been nominated three times for his works in direction by the Academy Awards and Golden Globe and Emmys. He got his title of Sir in the year 2003 and in 2011 he received an insignia on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His films are some of those which have earned a big name in the box office and have done fantastic business. His latest movie which is a sequel to his 1979 hit Alien, will soon hit the theaters and is expected to again break records in terms of numbers and awards. Sir Ridley Scott has a net worth of $180 millions in the market and this he have earned through his long and powerful expriences and work in the film industry. He has three beautiful and very expensive houses in London, France and Los Angeles and juggles his time between these three houses depending upon his working schedules. He also has a production house called Ridley Scott associates which has a net worth of 21million pounds. Sir Scott purchased the Shepperton Studios and has invested a large amount of money in the renovation works so that he can give the studios the type of look that compliments his needs and convenience. Also he lavishly juggles between three houses in London, Los Angeles and France and also re-decorated his house London for a whooping $13 millons because he felt that the house looks tacky. Sir Ridley Scott was raised in an army family and his dad was an officer in The Royal Engineers. Due to his work and professional commitments, Colonel Francis Scott generally stayed away from home and there was a great amount of absence between Sir Scott and his father's relationships. Sir Ridley Scott married Felicity Heywood and the couple stayed together for a period of eleven years from 1964 to 1975. The couple was blessed with two sons named Luke and Jake and they both work as directors in Ridley Scott Associates which is Sir Scott's production company. He was later married to Sandy Watson. She was an advertising executive and the couple got married in 1979. They seperated their ways in 1989 and also had a daughter from their relationship. Sir Ridley Scott is now married to Giannina Facio who is an actress. They got married in 1996 and Sir Ridley Scott have cast her in almost all the films that he have made except American Gangster.
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