Ring Audio’s Horn speakers is about unconventional looks and great sound

Andrea Divirgilio / January 27, 2012

When it comes to combining aesthetics to good sound quality, the makers of high-end speakers are always squeezing for combining the 2 ideas on to a common platform. However, there have indeed been some examples which have proved that these ideas indeed can come together, such as in the Arcadian Pnoe Horn and the Linski concrete horn speakers. Now it’s Ring Audio who has experimented and done so rather successfully, with the Masterhorn speakers, which combine the use of exotic building fabrics and simplicity of design to create a product pertaining to the highest standards.

Ring Audio horn speakers

As some experts in the industry say, sound output depends a lot of the geometry and structural formation of the speaker. Though one may use the most expensive and technically perfect materials inside, but sound texture and distribution could be adversely affected, if the geometrical and fabrication of the speakers don’t go right. Hopefully, Ring Audio uses a shape and geometrical structure which helps in accentuating the sound quality: the horn shape. So what does actually result in: low distortion, fast transient response, high sound pressure level, and full-range phase coherent waves. Technical it may sound, but this is precisely what could be used to measure the sound output with fixed criterion. In terms of numbers, frequency response 35Hz- 20 KHz, and sensitivity of 92dB 1W/1M, which might put it at par with the big guns of the industry.

Ring Audio horn speakers

On aesthetics, the horn matches up to no other when it comes to eye appeal and a sense of unconventionality. Add to that some exotic fabrication varieties such as wood or even composite materials with finishing options such as piano black, ebony, rosewood, or Paulonia, and you have a quite the enviable thing in your presence. But we suggest that you take into account, the rest of the aesthetics of the spae where these speakers will be kept. That could give it the ‘star appeal’ which you would be looking for. As for the price, these things start at $19,648 (€15,000) but would vary with customizations you choose.

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Via: Ring Audio

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