Rinzsound creates Limited edition exotic speakers made from recycled glass
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Rinzsound creates Limited edition exotic speakers made from recycled glass

Rinzsound creates Limited edition exotic speakers made from recycled glass

Though in the world of haute couture, recycling perhaps is not the strongest existent themes as the lifestyle is more with opulence, by and large. But in the past and now, recycled art seems very much a part of the luxury lifestyle, with innovative objects of desire like the Fendi Formafantasama recycled leather collection, Neimen Marcus peacock table lamp. Rinzsound on the other hand, has gone the distance this time around by using recycled glass and other exotic leather varieties through ethically sourced means, to create the limited edition speaker set. Fabrication includes exotic leather varieties cream water snake and colored wild gazelle, combined with refined engineering to produce speakers sets of optimum quality. The sound reproduction is largely sharp and detailed, henceforth no compromises on that front.

Rinzsound exotic speakers from recycled glass and ethically sourced leather

The designer behind these speakers, Arina Sprynz had the theme of 'art with a purpose' as the backdrop for creating these artistic devices. Hence, recycled material such as glass was shaped, along with use of leather from animals such as cream water snake, and colored wild gazelle were taken for use in the project, but as we know, there was no harm caused to any animal they were sourced from.

Rinzsound exotic speakers have been made from ethically sourced leather varieties

From the exotic finishes, and the colored textures a seen here, the special speakers certainly need the right space to be put up in. One can of course pick a design, which is more sophisticated in color and appearance, or the perfect match as per surroundings, but the main appeal of these speakers stand with those colors whose designs are more uncommon.

Rinzsound exotic speakers were designed by Arina Spyrinz

In physical dimensions, each of these speakers are 130 cm tall and 33 cm wide at the base. They weigh around 23 kgs each. So if you are planning to order for them, please keep a 4 to 6 week period for delivery of these speakers. Seems like the world could be beautiful and luxurious after all, without compromising on either aspects.

Rinzsound exotic speakers can set up almost in every setting

Via: Rinzsound

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