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Net Worth $ 150 Million
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Born on: 17th Aug 43 Born in: United States Marital status: Married Occupation: Actor and Director
Robert De Niro net worth is estimated  at  $200 million. Robert De Niro is an American actor, restaurateur and producer who is known around the world for his serious and often violent roles as well as his lighthearted comedies. The multiple Oscar winner first came into prominence with his role in the 1973 Martin Scorsese film “Mean Streets”. One of the greatest actors in Hollywood, De Niro’s roles in movies like “Taxi Driver”, “The Godfather: Part II”, “Raging Bull”, “Cape Fear” and “The Deer Hunter” earned him not only  critical and commercial success but also established the huge Robert De Niro net worth . As of 2012, Robert De Niro is reported to have a net worth of $150 million. At the moment, De Niro commands salaries in excess of $20 million. For his award-winning role in the 1976 movie “Taxi Driver”, De Niro earned $35,000 though he earned $200,000 and a percentage of gross profit for “The Last Tycoon” released the same year. For the comedies “Analyze That”, “Meet the Fockers” and “Little Fockers”, De Niro earned $20 million each, a significant figure wich became contributory factor to Robert De Niro net worth. Robert De Niro has been a longtime investor in the lower Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood. He has residences in both west and east sides of Manhattan though his primary home remains his estate in Marbletown. He also owns a 4,158 square feet apartment in New York worth $14 million. An avid restaurateur, De Niro owns around 27 restaurants around the world and co-owns several restaurants in the Nobu chain as well. De Niro also owns the Nobu and TriBeCa Grill and has co-founded the popular Tribeca Film Festival and the film studio TriBeCa Productions. De Niro also owns Tribeca-based The Greenwich Hotel and the restaurant Locanda Verde located inside it. All these business endeavors became sources of Robert De Niro net worth. Robert De Niro was married to Diahnne Abbott from 1976 to 1988. De Niro adopted Abbot’s daughter Drena and the couple also have a son together, named Raphael, the heir to Robert De Niro net worth. De Niro had a long term relationship with Toukie Smith who was a former model, and the couple had twin sons Aaron Kendrik and Julian Henry via a surrogate in 1995. De Niro married actress Grace Hightower in 1997 and had a son named Elliot in 1998. The couple briefly split in 1999 though they renewed their vows in 2004. In 2011, De Niro and Hightower had a daughter Helen Grace through a surrogate. De Niro also has three grandchildren- two from his son Raphael and one from his eldest daughter Drena.
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