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United Kingdom
Net Worth $ 64 Million
Robert Pattinson
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Born on: 13th May 86 Born in: United Kingdom Marital status: Single Occupation: Actor, model, musician, and producer
Robert Pattinson is the latest heartthrob of millions of teenage girls. He made his mark through the famous Twilight franchisee and has been since well known for his modeling, music, producing and acting throughout England and the United States. This young star is 25 years old and goes by the nicknames of Rob, R-Pattz, Spunk and Ransom. He was born on May 13, 1986 into a beautiful loving talented family who are all in the entertainment business as well.   Pattinson started making excellent money at the age of 12 modeling for several different agencies. After his modeling career, he was offered endless acting jobs, which made him even wealthier. The movies that made this stars net worth $55 million dollars were the Ring of the Nibelungs, Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Twilight and Little Ashes. Not only does this famous handsome young man model and act, but he also enjoys composing his own music and playing the guitar and piano and has created soundtracks such as, “Never Think,” and “ Let Me Sign.”   With all the hard earned millions Robert Pattinson has made he has bought himself a lovely Spanish style mini mansion for $6,275,000 million dollars in Hollywood. This beautiful home comes with a large swimming pool, outdoor living areas, beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms and even an oversized kitchen and living room for entertaining guess. The star also has a warm mushy spot for animals and adopted a puppy he named Bear, which he also spend a good amount of his money on. With the money the star doesn’t spend on his mansion or his pup, he does do a bit of shopping for clothing and cars.   When it comes to Robert Pattinson’s personal life everyone wants to know if this handsome young man is single, but the truth is he is not. In fact, this star has been romantically involved with co-star Kristen Stewart from the Twilight Saga movies for sometime now. In fact, the lovely couple do seem to be together all the time at his home in California often and out strolling around holding hands on beaches and around L.A. When Robert isn’t spending time with his beautiful girlfriend, he does spend a lot of time with his sisters Lizzy and Victoria and his parents Clare and Richard.
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Robert Pattinson Estates and Homes (1)

Los Angeles mansion

Los Angeles mansion

Robert Pattinson spent around $6 million on a lavish home in Los Angeles. The actor purchased the mansion in September 2011 but The Twilight star only moved in recently.

Location - The Spanish colonial-style property is located in the super trendy Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, California, USA.

Accommodation - The 4,000 sq ft home features three big bedrooms and three bathrooms. The entire home has a state-of-the-art security system with walls encircling the property and huge gates in place. It is, no doubt, a very gorgeous looking mansion and it as huge sprawling grounds with a solar-heated swimming pool. There is an exclusive wine cellar and the ground also houses an amphitheater.

Features - The house has a typical colonial design which makes it stand out among the other properties in the area. The extensive xeriscaped gardens in the grounds add to the beauty and charm of the place.

Neighborhood - The neighboring house is reportedly owned by a missionary group comprising of Catholic priests. The other celebrity neighbors include Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale. It is believed that Madonna also owns a house in the Los Feliz neighborhood.

Robert Pattinson Autos and Cars (2)

1963 Chevrolet Nova

Robert owns a 1963 Chevrolet Nova which is basically a 2 door sedan

Robert owns a 1963 Chevrolet Nova which is basically a 2 door sedan.It is powered by a V8 gasoline engine that can produce 350hp power and features electronic ignition and dual exhaust. The car boasts of automatic transmission and is based on rear wheel drive. The other prominent features include front disc brakes and a narrow rear end. The interiors have bucket seats, a Sony stereo, Auto Meter gauges and trn signal bezels.

1989 BMW 325i Convertible

The Twilight star is a proud owner of this rocking car

The Twilight star is a proud owner of this rocking car and has been spotted driving around in this convertible a number of times. It is basically a sports car that has some of the best features for any car in this category. It is powered by a 2.5 liter I6 engine that produces 168hp. It can go from 0 to 60 in mere 7.5 seconds. The BMW 325i has a standard five speed manual transmission but there is another variant which offers a four speed automatic transmission. BMW cars are known for its luxury amenities and this car is no exception. It has several features like sunroof, air-conditioning and power windows. The car also has the standard anti-lock braking system or ABS and ventilated disk brakes in the front.

Robert Pattinson Holiday Destinations(Getaways) (1)

Miami Vacation

Vacation in Miami

Taking advantage of the extended winter spell at Malibu, Robert Pattinson enjoyed a vacation in solitude in Malibu sunshine coast. Wearing a black wetsuit, the actor indulged in paddle-boarding off the Malibu coastline. He seemed to spend several minutes in silent contemplation, sitting on the board in the gentle sea. The beaches of Malibu attract tourists wanting to do different things - surfing, sun-bathing, swimming, lounging, playing and surfing. The 21 miles of coastline is easily accessed via the Pacific Coast Highway.

Robert Pattinson Cause (2)

Midnight Mission

Robert Pattinson autographs guitar for the Midnight Mission

The Twilight star is associated with a number of charities and one of them is Midnight Mission. It was established in 1914 and strives to help the homeless. It makes every effort to provide the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, clothing, and medical attention to those who need it. The association helps the homeless people with empathy and respect. It does not believe in sermons and never practices it.


Robert Pattinson's PACT ballon charity sketch

The Hollywood star is also associated with PACT which helps in the development of young children who have special needs. The organization also supports the families with detailed assessments, intervention services, counseling and parent education. The foundation received the 1999 Baltimore County Business Award for its extensive work and wide range of impact on society.

Robert Pattinson Brands (3)

Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Sunglasses

At 2012 Cannes Robert Pattinson was spotted wearing OP Gregory Peck sunglasses

At 2012 Cannes Robert Pattinson was spotted wearing OP Gregory Peck sunglasses. This signature optical frame was inspired by the film, To Kill a Mockingbird, wherein Gregory Peck sported the same set of shades. It has a classic P3 lens shape and includes a big keyhole bridge and horizontal plaques on the front of the frame and temples. The OP logo is laminated on the temple end.

SwissGear Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Robert has been spotted several times with his SwissGear Scansmart Laptop Backpack

Robert has been spotted several times with his SwissGear Scansmart Laptop Backpack. This backpack is a quality product from Wenger which initially manufactured Swiss Army knives. The backpack can be folded onto a flat position and has been specially designed to hold 17" laptops. It is made of durable ballistic weave fabric. There is an external headphone port to plug in the headphones and to keep the media devices in the safety zone of the backpack. Apart from this the backpack also has a water bottle pocket, organizer, eyeglass holder, CD's audio pocket and an internal pocket that has a special pouch for an MP3 player.

Nike Air Zoom FC Shoes

When it comes to footwear, Pattinson can trust anything but only his pair of Nike Air Zoom FC shoes

When it comes to footwear, Pattinson can trust anything but only his pair of Nike Air Zoom FC shoes. It is one of the most popular indoor soccer shoes. The style and performance of this particular shoe can match any of the skateboarding shoes. The FC is a short form for "Football Club" which denotes that this particular Nike shoe is basically a soccer shoe.

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