Robotic Trash Can

Andrea Divirgilio / August 3, 2006

robotic trash canThough, owning a robotic trash can might not feature on your Wanted-list, but, if you own hell-lot-of-a-money to burn then this is not a bad option either! This trash can robot from Florida Robotics is up for sale on eBay for an asking price of $4,900. The robotic trash can is a walking, talking trash can that operates via remote control. The robot-trash includes digital voice effects feature, voice synchronized ear lights, automatic battery charger, choice of colors for dome and base with a rugged galvanized steel liner. So, if you think going all-the-way to the trashcan to be an inappropriate thing for you then you know what to do…right! But, what’s absurd is its hefty price tag, you can even get a robot with a few functions for this much..!!

via RandomGoodStuff

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