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Rocket Espresso from Rapha

Andrea Divirgilio / July 29, 2011

Coffee machine from Rapha Rocket Expresso

For those who love the special brews of coffee but don’t compromise on the quality of the contents or the design of the machines, known designer Rapha introduces the Rocket Espresso coffee machine, which will have the engravings and tech features to produce the perfect cup of coffee.

The concept of designer machines hasn’t been new, as we have earlier talked about the F1 Racepresso helmet coffee machines and theJura signature machine. Not of the same category but with different styling and technology components, the Rocket Espresso machine ensures the perfect brew of the beverage. As the name suggests, this machine has been made in collaboration with Rocket Espresso Milano, known specialists in this domain, which makes the final product one of the best in the world.

The body has been primarily made of steel with the Ralpha H Van silhouette and the Cycle Club logo, as this beverage has been associated with the cyclists over a period of time. Its technical components include the thermo siphon system which helps in distribution of heat evenly, as well as the copper boiler with lead free brass end plates, which aids the insulation process and doesn’t let heat escape from inside the machine. The machine also boasts of a Sirai pressure stat which is known as a source of accurate information, over the machine’s working life. The steam nozzle on the side ensures that the milk dispensed is of the perfect texture, as what is suitable with the particular style of coffee.

Like most of the designers, this too shall be made in limited quantities of 200 numbered pieces only. To get this machine for yourself, be prepared to shell out $2,430 needed to buy this machine. As an assessment, this product can easily be concluded to be for the person with refined taste and knowledge of the beverage.

Via: Acquiremag/ Rapha/ Freema

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