Rolls Royce creates exclusive ‘Year of the dragon’ Phantom collection cars

Andrea Divirgilio / August 18, 2011

Rolls Royce Year of the Dragon collection

Rolls Royce which is synonymous with luxury car travels and customized luxury vehicles had created several bespoken versions of its cars, especially the Phantom. We saw some of that in the Abu Dhabi version, Arizona Sun version, and the Pearl of Arabia version, which all carried customized themes in design. This time they have on offer the ‘Year of the dragon’ collection, which will be a tribute to the Chinese mythical animal which stands for power, prosperity and good fortune.

This exclusive collection will have special components of the luxury vehicle, symbolizing the unique year. It would include the twin Dragon coach-line, Dragon embroidery headrest, Dragon Phantom passenger panel inlay, Dragon cushions on the rear passenger seat, illuminated tread plates, and celebratory Marquetry selection options matching with the veneers of the inside décor. From what we know, the Dragon coach-line will feature a twin designed version, with hand painted gold dragons on both sides and each of them facing forward as a positive omen. The door sills, on the other hand, will have ‘Year of the dragon 2012’ highlighted by LED lighting, on all the 4 doors. The embroidery on the insides, which will be featured in the headrests and rear seat cushions, will be hand-stitched with the RR logo and the golden dragon adorning them. Keeping in mind, these customizations will accompany the already existing luxury features of the car, which are commonly known, making it the envy of every auto-lover out there.

When we look at this collection as compared to the exclusive versions such as the ‘Pearl of Arabia’ or the ‘Arizona Sun’, this one stands out for the number of unique customizations. From what we can guess, the general color of the car’s body will be maroon on which the golden artwork shall be highlighted, which remains the case even with the other customizations, giving it a regal appeal which might not be easily rivaled. So, if you have the taste and the cash, this limited edition collection will definitely be the apple of your eyes.

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Via: Rolls Royce/ Car Design

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