Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world
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Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world

Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world

From the members of the royal families around the world, to the ultra-sophisticated tastes in cars, the one name which had prominently featured in most stables is a Rolls Royce. The aura of sophistication and elitism has never really been matched by any other vehicle, as much a Rolls Royce has. No wonder that in the past several versions of the car have been customized to the please the collectors, who would want the extra tweaks in their cars, to ensure they stand out and further accentuate their elite origin. The following points out the world’s most expensive editions of these special Rolls Royce cars:

Most exceptional Rolls Royce editions

1.Rolls Royce Phantom Solid gold 

Solid gold Rolls Royce Phantom

Price: $8.2 million

Owned by a businessman in the Gulf, where buying gold laden vehicles is a trend, this exclusive customized version of the car which is already known by some as the most luxurious in the world, has been given some further additions. The solid gold Rolls Royce carries a total of 120 kg of 18K gold in different parts such as the front grill, side trims, boot handle, wheels, etc. Since the demand of the buyer was something safe along with being special, the car has been fully armored with protection for machine guns and ballistic missiles with certifications from the Gouvernement Beschussant Muchen, which tested the car’s security features. Also, some of the gold which was used in the interiors was done by first creating molds of the components, and then applying the malleable precious metal to decorate them. For the outside, golden veneers were specially crafted for this edition.

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