Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world
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Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world

Rolls-Royce top 16 most expensive cars in the world

From the members of the royal families around the world, to the ultra-sophisticated tastes in cars, the one name which had prominently featured in most stables is a Rolls Royce. The aura of sophistication and elitism has never really been matched by any other vehicle, as much a Rolls Royce has. No wonder that in the past several versions of the car have been customized to the please the collectors, who would want the extra tweaks in their cars, to ensure they stand out and further accentuate their elite origin. The following points out the world’s most expensive editions of these special Rolls Royce cars:

Most exceptional Rolls Royce editions

1) Rolls Royce Phantom Solid gold

Solid gold Rolls Royce Phantom

Price: $8.2 million

Owned by a businessman in the Gulf, where buying gold laden vehicles is a trend, this exclusive customized version of the car which is already known by some as the most luxurious in the world, has been given some further additions. The solid gold Rolls Royce carries a total of 120 kg of 18K gold in different parts such as the front grill, side trims, boot handle, wheels, etc. Since the demand of the buyer was something safe along with being special, the car has been fully armored with protection for machine guns and ballistic missiles with certifications from the Gouvernement Beschussant Muchen, which tested the car’s security features. Also, some of the gold which was used in the interiors was done by first creating molds of the components, and then applying the malleable precious metal to decorate them. For the outside, golden veneers were specially crafted for this edition.

2) 1904 Rolls Royce 10-HP

1904 Rolls Royce 10-HP

Price: $7.25 million

One of the most cherished models of the vintage Rolls Royce, because it was one of those which had the brainchild of Charles Rolls behind it. He created the car in 1904, and it was finally unveiled on April 1st of that year. Initially there was a plan to construct 19 of these, but only 17 were ever created, and even fewer exist today. The first edition of the car had a 10-HP 1.8-liter engine, with a 3-speed gearbox, along with twin cam operating overhead inlet valve, which were landmarks of that age. Throughout the 108 years of its existence, the car has changed hands of numerous owners like Percy Binns in 1920, Oilver Langton in 1950. Eventually, the present owner bought the vehicle in 1978, and has seen extensive rework including red leather upholstery, P&H side oil lights, acetylene headlights, and aluminum pistons under the engine hood.

3) 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Price: $3.2 million (estimate)

Speaking of its elaborate history, the

Price: $3 million

Built with 2 spiked up models in Tan and white and also in purple, this edition of the Rolls Royce Ghost seemed like the perfect fit for the well heeled hip-hop stars. Special alloy wheels, with front grille, center panel of the engine bonnet, rear view mirror, side skirts, and even the exhaust at the back have all been done in 24-carat gold. On the interior, one would see the generous use of the precious metal on the door handles, central control panel, rear view mirror, AC vents, and also the rear passenger seat panels. In of course comes with the dual tone fabrication which had options like the white and purple, and also white and tan.

5) Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead coupe

Rolls Royce drophead coupe Phantom for EJAF

Price: $1.6 million

The unique piece of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe was lately auctioned off for $1.6 million in order to raise funds for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It's a great jump for any charity auction if we talk about the actual pricing of the roadster, which otherwise falls between $400K and $500K. The Phantom Drophead Coupe is power driven by a 6.75 liter V12 engine that pumps out 453 horsepower and 531 pound-feet of torque.

6) Rolls Royce Phantom ‘Year of the Dragon edition’

Rolls Royce Phantom Year of the Dragon edition

Price: $1.2 million

One of the most phenomenal editions from the house of Rolls Royce, the Year of the Dragon edition sold out within 2 months of the car being launched in China. No wonder that the company is now thinking of 14 new dealerships in the country, thus converting it into their largest one for their special cars. The major tweaking for this particular edition, included the twin Dragon coach-line, Dragon embroidery headrest, Dragon Phantom passenger panel inlay, Dragon cushions on the rear passenger seat, illuminated tread plates, and celebratory Marquetry selection options matching with the veneers of the inside décor. This Dragon coach-line will feature a twin designed version, with hand painted gold dragons on both sides and each of them facing forward as a positive omen. The door sills, on the other hand, will have ‘Year of the dragon 2012’ highlighted by LED lighting, on all the 4 doors. The embroidery on the insides, which will be featured in the headrests and rear seat cushions, will be hand-stitched with the RR logo and the golden dragon adorning them.

7) Bijan Pakzad special edition Rolls Royce Drophead coupe

Rolls Royce Bijan Pakzad edition

Price: $1 million

Made for the top 30 most powerful people in the world, this limited edition run of the Rolls Royce Phantom drop head coupe was the brainchild of Iranian designer Bijan Pakzad. Other than the unique fabrication on the interior, the car became famous for having the special yellow toned body, which is a signature element of the designer. The car first showed itself during the Los Angeles Auto Show in 2010, after which the launch happened in the spring of 2011.

8) Rolls Royce Phantom Hearse B12

Rolls Royce Phantom Hearst B12

Price: $662,000

Dubbed as the world’s most expensive funeral car, this 23-foot long Rolls Royce B12 Hearse features a 6.75-liter V12 engine, much like the original Phantom, but there are additions like the self-leveling air suspension technology. But the most notable part of the design is the totality of 600 assembled parts, and over 650 feet of welding work done which has gone into construction the extra long body. The TAN Expo 2012 is where the vehicle saw the light of the day, along with numerous other offerings for those associated with the funeral industry.

9) Rolls Royce all-carbon fiber Phantom coupe

Rolls Royce carbon fiber edition

Price: $420,000 (estimate)

Designed by Symbolic Motor Car Company in California, this Rolls Royce has been toned down on the usual luxuries, and bought in with a more racing friendly appeal. The use of carbon fiber has reduced body weight, but given a very special ‘racing vehicle’ appeal with the glossy finish, along with the prominent bespoken alloy wheels. Though not much has been disclosed but the transmission and suspension also have been played with, to combine the luxurious comfort and a sporting characteristic to the vehicle. If you may have skipped the car before, this vehicle has the 6.75 liter V-12 engine with 6 speed auto-transmission and 453 HP of power. It also has auto-4 corner leveling system, power controlled doors, with extensive use of leather and fine quality glossy wood on the inside décor.

10) Rolls Royce Phantom armored edition

Armored Rolls Royce Phantom

Price: NA

Very aptly made for someone with a high degree of security demand, the armored edition Phantom features special VR7 level protection standards, including high-tech fiber composites, special purpose steel to provide protection for the bodywork, thickened glass and run flat tires. The toughness of the special fabrication can simply be gauged from the fact that it can stand an AK-47 from a meager distance of 10 feet! The aluminum space frame chassis have been strengthened to cope with the additional weight of the modifications. However, the engine remains unchanged, generating 453bhp of power output and a phenomenal 720Nm of torque.

11) Two-Tone Ghosts for Geneva Auto Show 2012

2-Tone Rolls Royce Ghost for Geneva Auto Show 2012

Price: NA

Prepared as a special new offering at the

Price: NA

The Shaheen Phantom Coupé comes with a marquise-white exterior, a twin coach line in Tudor red and offset by a red and Seashell leather interior. Some of the bespoke elements in the Shaheen Phantom Coupe are special falcon inlay in brass on Phantom plate, embroidered headrests with the Shaheen Falcon design, and also the Shaheen motif and Mugello stitching. This was also a custom made edition from a buyer in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the biggest markets for the Rolls Royce makers.

13) Rolls Royce 101EX Tungsten edition

Rolls Royce Phantom Tungsten 101EX

Price: NA

One of the experiments from the house of Rolls Royce, the Tungsten edition featured 'xirallic' darkest Tungsten paint finish, brushed aluminum bonnet along with a pair of visible chrome plated stainless steel exhausted pipe on the outside. On the interior, grey leather seats and fiber-optic lighting were the subtle changes. This edition also came with the special customization offer from Rolls Royce, to get the body color done from a total list of 44,000 different shades apart from the one already there on the car.

14) Project Kahn Rolls-Royce Phantom

Project Kahn Rolls Royce

Price: NA

Made famous for its exterior design and aesthetics, this special edition Project Kahn Rolls Royce, featured a pearl white paintjob on the outside, which isn’t in the general set of options. After all, it was famous car customization special, Afzal Kahn who came up with the idea. The wheels were the special 22-inch Silver mist alloy wheels, which gave each spoke of the tyre the similar degree of extra sheen as the chassis. However, the engine sees no apparent change, as the designer too believed it to be one of the best in the world.

15) Francisco Cordero's Mansory Rolls Royce Ghost

Cordero custom made Rolls Royce

Price: NA

Ordered by Francisco Cordero to impose his star status as a baseball player just a little further, this classic Rolls Royce Ghost was given an exterior make up job, most notably the 24.5-inch special alloy with chrome ascents, and white spokes, colored matched with the rest of the chassis. Apart from that, there are the custom LED headlights on the bumpers, alongside vertical air intake slots, along with new low-lying smooth side skirts, along with large tail pipes, and a rear boot spoiler to give it all a special touch.

16). One Thousand and One Nights: Rolls-Royce Special Ghost Edition

Price: NA

One Thousand and One Nights: Rolls-Royce Special Ghost Edition

Described as a lovely gift to the British automaker’s Middle Eastern friends, this limited-edition Rolls-Royce One Thousand and One Nights Ghost special edition is truly a tribute to the beloved collection of Arabic folk tales. The car’s two-tone palette in a matte finish exterior also boasts hand-painted coach lines that traverse the length of the vehicle’s mid-section and across its deck lid, as well as the hand-applied calligraphy of the Arabic words ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, and an evocative logo framing the door handles.

One Thousand and One Nights: Rolls-Royce Special Ghost Edition

On the inside, the car which is set to be launched in 3-stages boasts of pristine white leather seats, a comprehensive rear seat entertainment system, piano black trim and other plush accoutrements.

One Thousand and One Nights: Rolls-Royce Special Ghost Edition

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