Romain Jerome picks spare parts from space to make watches

Andrea Divirgilio / November 14, 2008

moon watch kXCli 48

Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome has already shown the world that their creations need attention. Earlier, we have seen the $300,000 Day or Night watch and the Titanic-inspired watches. The latest from the house is the “Moon Dust-DNA” collection, which includes watches made from moon dust, parts of the Apollo 11 rocket and bits of spacesuits. This new, one of a kind collection has been launched to compete with the rivals, such as Richemont’s Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. They are going to make 1969 watches, indicating the year of Neil Armstrong’s and Buzz Aldrin’s first journey to the moon. The dials of the new watches will feature tiny craters, with dust in them from the moon rock. Steel from the Apollo 11 space shuttle will be used for the case while the strap will use fibers from a spacesuit that was worn during the ISS mission. Pricing for the Moon Dust-DNA watches starts at $15,000 and goes as high as $500,000.

Via: TheAge

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