Romain Jerome places Titanic DNA on your wrist through cufflinks and chrono tourbillon watch

Andrea Divirgilio / January 16, 2012

Romain Jerome as a brand was traditionally known for its brilliance in the field of horology alone, but now they seem to be delving into the field of men’s accessories in their traditionally stylish way. Like their history embalmed timepieces, the new cufflinks from the designer brand now will incorporate the DNA of the most historic shipwreck, Titanic in their new offerings: Titanic cufflinks and limited edition Chrono tourbillon watch. Using parts of the recovered debris from the infamous ship, Romain Jerome will place its DNA onto your wrists, literally.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA cufflinks

Built in the shape of a ship’s propeller, the cufflinks use the same shapes and material used on the original vessel which is stabilized oxidized steel. After creating a source with the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast, parts of the debris was sent to the designers under the Romaine Jerome team, who then converted it all into these finely crafted cufflinks for men. The top caps have the exact shape of the submerged powering fans of the ship, where as the bottom ends are the direct replica of the heavy engine propellers, which could well be the stand out factor from anything available in the segment. Depending on the rest of the clothing style, these cufflinks are available in 2 finishes: black PVD and metallic finish. However, there will be only 888 of each of these to be ever made available for sale.

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA chrono tourbillon watch

Other than the cufflinks, Romain Jerome created a limited edition chrono tourbillon mechanical watch based on theme. Made with a rugged looking brown steel case with global engravings on the outer ring, the watch shows its inner most complexities through the exposed skeleton of the tourbillon movement. Of the little of the main dial that’s left untouched, one would find engraved Roman numeral markings for the hour and minutes along the round frame, along with the blue branding just below the 12 ‘o’clock marking. The use of precious metals never really escapes the brand; hence the side crown has been created from options like black PVD, steel, or rose gold options. However, this product is strictly limited to an edition of 9 units which will be divided into options as mentioned before. So if you are indeed addicted to the shipwreck’s saga, its time to act fast!

Via: Tiempoderelojes/ WatchPro

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