RoomWizard meeting room scheduler to replace assistants

Andrea Divirgilio / January 12, 2008

A generation ago professionals were ‘let go’ because the computers took over their jobs. Today, you get sacked since it’s more economical for companies to outsource your job. And just to make your professional life that tad bit more insecure some genius came up with this RoomWizard scheduler. Apparently office supplies company Steelcase did not approve of human interaction during office hours. So they designed this quaint little meeting room scheduler that will eliminate the middle man (read: office assistants) from your daily scheduling routine. The touchscreen can sync up with your Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook Server and schedule meetings and reserve meeting rooms in a jiffy. And that’s not all. This little gadget also features little red and green LED lights that can indicate when the meeting room is occupied and when it’s available for, ahem, meetings. Who needs a cheap ‘Meeting in Progress’ signboard when you can have two adorable blinking lights say the same thing for a little over $2000. Now if they can only teach it to fetch water.

Via BoingBoing / MavroMatic

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