Rosalia Mera | $ 6.1 Billion
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Rosalia Mera Net Worth

Net Worth $ 6.1 Billion
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Born on: 1st Jan 70 Born in: Spain Marital status: Deceased Occupation: Co-founder of Inditex
Born Rosalía Mera Goyenechea has an estimated net worth of 6.1 billion at the time of her death. Mera, the world's richest self-made woman was a Spanish businesswoman and entrepreneur. She has earned her net worth from her clothing company, Zara and from Inditex, a holding company  multiple fashion companies. Mera started as as a sales assistant in a clothing shop at age 11.  Later she began designing gowns and lingerie in her home  with her then husband, Amancio Ortega Gaona. In 1975, she opened the  first Zara store which  became a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Part of its success was due to its strategy of imitating popular fashions but selling  them in inexpensive price. By 1985, Inditex was established as holding company which  now comprises multiple fashion companies, of which Zara is the flagship. The company  now has over 6000 stores in over 86 countries and over 120,000 employees.  Mera retains a 7% stake in the company after she and husband divorced in 1986. On  August 16, 2013, Mera died of complications after suffering a stroke in August 14.    
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