Rover 75 V8
Rover 75 V8 | $ 52,000
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Rover 75 V8

Rover 75 V8

The Rover 75 V8 is an executive sector vehicle designed and manufactured by the British car making company Rover and later acquired by MG Rover. The car is available in either a four wheel drive, 4 door saloon versions or a rear wheel drive, 5 door estate version. Rover 75 V8 car uses a powerful V8 and the later versions, the Rover 600 and the 800 are inspired and designed from this car. The car is assembled exclusively at Long Bridge, Birmingham or Cowley, Oxford, UK. The production of the car started in late 1999 and the car was phased out to newer models in the year 2005.


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The interior of the Rover 75 is done up smartly, with BMW based electronic parts. The advantage of using the technology is that, the car can be upgraded with all the modern luxury features ranging from Bluetooth to a modern music system. The car has dual tone leather seats and the carbon fiber dash board and steering wheel very classy and saves weight. The manual gear knob, the brake and clutch pedals and the dash board mounted switches are made of aluminum finish and this also helps cut out on weight. The car has ample leg room and boot space and luggage space is also sufficient, which is uncommon in this segment.

The Rover 75 is high on luxury and safety features and some standard features include air bags for the driver and the passenger up front and ABS. Luxury features include air conditioning, an advanced climate control system, dual suspension at the front and rear, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, LED monitor and GPS system. The advanced electronics of the car made it popular in the tech savvy community and this car is a good performer, with equally great ride quality, thanks to the advanced Brembo suspension.


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Be it the estate or the saloon, the overall design of the Rover 75 is the same. Built on a metal frame with aluminum exterior and bolts, Rover 75 V8 is very light for a 5 door sedan. Carbon fiber parts are used for the rear shafts and front grille and the car is based on the BMW modern design which enables the car to be custom tuned with any modern technology till today. The car is available in moon light white, cherry red, mid night black and metallic silver colors.

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