Royal Black Caviar Watch comes with an exclusive silver caviar case and 24kt gold plated spoons

Andrea Divirgilio / April 15, 2013

For the most demanding caviar connoisseurs, relishing this one of the most expensive food items in the world just got better. The world of horology gives a new meaning to caviar indulgence with wrist watch designs inspired by this luxury delicacy! The Hublot Black Caviar Bang was one of the earliest watches which put the unique design of the appetizer on the wrist of a lucky wearer. Now it is the turn of the luxury watch brand, York to do the same with their Royal Black Caviar watch, which they will be showcasing at the Baselworld 2013 event, to be held on April 25th. With 18K white gold casing, there are 3.2 carat weightage of black diamonds, which total up to 53 in number, placed along the outer ring of the watch dial. Alongside will be the Caviar ensemble in 925 sterling silver which include a server and set of spoons with marquetry, forming a total set of which only 99 units will be made worldwide. The price for each of these sets is $59,500.

Royal Black Caviar watch with gold and silver cutlery set

The Royal Black Caviar watch will be featuring a 44mm wide dial, made with 18K white gold with 53 black diamonds forming it’s outer ring. The main dial is made of sterling silver too, but receives a black enameling with white numerals for a classical contrast. But what also grabs eye balls, is the strapping which has been made from stingray leather from the Indo-Pacific region, which looks like the wrist band is decorated with black caviar eggs. Inside the timepiece, will be a mechanical winding movement SW07, which has been hand engraved and has 17 jewels as a part of the construction.

Royal Black Caviar watch with 53 black diamonds and stingray leather strapping

Robbe & Berking, who have previous been known for their work on luxury yachts, and creating bespoken silver work, have lent their crafting expertise to the caviar set. This will include a old-world style server with sturgeon handle, crafted into an artistic design, with 2 spoons made from 24K white gold. Each of these sets will be handed over by His Highness York Prince of Shaumburg-Lippe to their new owner. After all, it is a tribute to great-grand mother, Grand Duchess Wera Konstantinowa Romanowa of Russia.

Via: TimeZone

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