Royal items at auction

Andrea Divirgilio / April 6, 2013

For those interested in Western European history, the recent auctions in 2013 have kept the collectors quite busy. Recently, King Louis XVI’s bloodstained cloth from his assassination was sold for $24,400 (€19,000) at a Paris auction. Now a series of highly sought after gamut of artifacts relating to the British Kingdom’s imperial history is set to go on sale, which includes a King Richard III signed document, King Charles I portrait, and some of Princess Margaret’s personal jewelry and collectibles as well. Though they have been a part of a glorious part with noted owners owning them, the trend has shown that royal memorabilia auctions have typically managed to kick up a storm of bidders, like witnessed in the case of the 2012 royal auctions.

Royal Items to go up for auction

King Richard III signed document

King Richard III signed document

Final Auction price: $52,417

King Richard III’s signed documents are some of the rarest artifacts of British history. This particular document with the King’s signature, is one of the less than a dozen set which continue to be in existence In fact, in the last 30 years, only 3 similar artifacts have surfaced. This particular document was used to settle a land dispute between a group of Westmorland Councillors and the 2nd Earl of Westmorland, where King Richard is seen requesting both the parties to settle matters quietly between themselves.

King Charles I portrait

King Charles I portrait

Estimated auction price: $76,050-121,680

Come April 11 this year, and Christie’s Old Masters and British Paintings Auction will include this rare glorious depiction of King Charles I portrait, where he is seen riding horseback. Sir Anthony Von Dyke is known to have created the earliest version of this masterpiece, but this one was painted by one of his followers, for Sir John Byron, who was the 1st Lord Byron. This painting was designated to be placed at the Long Gallery at the St.James’s Palace.

Princess Margaret’s jewelry collection items

Late Princess Margaret's Personal items

Estimated auction price: £150,000 ($229,986) for Cartier Gold watch

£140,000 ($214,672) for solid gold clock, £750,000 ($1.1 million) for 5.16 carat diamond ring

Amongst a host of items from the personal collection of Late Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth’s sister, 3 such items remain to be of prime interest amongst collectors. The prime is the 5.16 carat diamond ring, which was purchased in 1970 and is said to be worth £750,000 ($1.1 million). This flawless diamond ring is known to be the single most expensive item to go on sale at the ‘Antiques for everyone’ event held in Birmingham, UK a couple of days back. Next is the £150,000 ($229,986) Cartier gold ladies watch, which was purchased for the Princess’ 20th birthday, but in 2nd hand for a then notable amount of £100 ($153) in 1940. The next significant item to go on auction is the £140,000 ($214,672) solid gold clock, which has the Late Princess’ initials inscribed on it. As a mark of authentication, Princess Margaret’s son, Lord Linley has personally authenticated the items, to mark the genuine linage of the rare items.

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