Royal wedding cake of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton to go on auction
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Royal wedding cake of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton to go on auction

Royal wedding cake of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton to go on auction

The beautiful wedding cake of Prince William and Kate Middleton had mesmerized most people just like the other details of the royal wedding of this decade. It was an eight-tiered cake, covered with icing, cream, and contained 900 sugar-paste flowers. Fiona Cairns, who specializes in creating customized cakes, had to invest five weeks for decorating the cake. She later revealed that while creating the cake, she paid attention to the brief offered by Kate. Fiona also divulged that she loved the fact that Kate had instructed her to place 17 foliage and blooms on the cake, which are known for their symbolism and referred to as ''the language of flowers." It was later revealed that base of the wedding cake included ivy leaves, which symbolized marriage, while the bottom three tiers included lavender, daisies, and Sweet William.

Royal wedding cake

Now, a slice of this delicious wedding cake will be available at an online auction, which will start from May 3, 2012. The news of this auction has already created frenzy among royal memorabilia collectors. The delicious fruit cake has been wrapped in its original paper for preventing any damage. The cake comes in a sophisticated presentation tin, which is 5.5 inches long. Apart from the cake, auctioneers can also avail a "best wishes" card, presented by the Duchess of Cornwall-Camilla and the Prince of Wales-Charles.

The cake will go on auction through PFC Auctions and the starting bid for the wedding cake slice is only $162 USD (£100).

Eight-tier wedding fruit cake

A similar auction has taken place earlier also. In the year 2008, a slice of the beautiful wedding cake of Princess Diana was auctioned and finally, sold at $1,611 (£1,000). In 2011, Alexandra Sharpe, who is fanatic about royal weddings, paid $500 for availing the uneaten fruit cake, which is one of three cakes that was made for the wedding of Prince William and Kate. The bidding took place online at eBay. The luxury departmental store Harrods also commissioned a total of 18 cakes to celebrate royal wedding.

Apart from the cake slice, auctioneers can also bid for the original order of service. This 16 page wedding booklet includes hymns, prayers, a blessing, and vows. Bidding on the wedding cake of Prince William and Kate Middleton, along with other legendary memorabilia pieces starts on May 3 and ends on May 24, 2012.

For the royal memorabilia collectors, this is the time to own an invaluable piece of history.

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