R&R Associates’ Refrigerator 2 with built-in LCD TV

Andrea Divirgilio / August 20, 2010

rr associates refrigerator 2

Household appliances these days are in the continuous process of shedding their old, boring image. We have already seen refrigerators that double as entertainment centers and today, we have with us the Refrigerator 2 from the house of R&R Associates. This smart refrigerator concept comes equipped with a 14.1-inch LCD TV that enjoys 450 cd/m² of brightness, 400:1 contrast ratio and a resolution of 1280 x 760. The Refrigerator 2 can be used with the cable or the satellite TV. You can also hook up your DVD player to the built-in TV to watch your favorite flicks while you prepare the dinner. It’s internet ready, so you can browse through the recipes online and the integrated software makes it easy to order the products.

The Energy Star rated 26 cubic feet refrigerator features a water and ice dispenser on the front, an integrated water filter and electronic temperature controls with eight sensors. Inside the fridge are innovative storage solutions for common foods such as canned beverages, milk jugs and frozen pizzas. Other features include a separate LCD temperature display, child lock, jet freezing, express freezing and filter status indicator.

Anyway, a TV is not the last thing we will see on refrigerators. Ikea lately envisioned the kitchen of the future with a fridge that enjoys an an interactive 3D screen, projects cooking tutorials and identifies the essential vitamins for your day via sensors. There is much more to come.

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