Ruf CTR-3 Review
Ruf CTR-3 | $ 570,000
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Ruf CTR-3

Ruf CTR-3

The finest Ruf to date and the best Porsche ever made, RUF CTR-3 is a mid engined sports car produced by the Ruf Automobile. Based on the Porsche Cayman it was released on April 11, 2007 in Bahrain. The performance of the car is just more than incredible. It takes only 3.4 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph while the maximum speed of this sportscar is 238 mph. Built from steel, aluminiun, and carbon- Kevlar the weight of CTR-3 is 1375 kg. The light weight makes the power to weight ratio of only 4.4 lbs per hp. It is rightly said that "you gotta pay to play'" in 2009 CTR-3 was priced at $570,000. With its invention Porsche tried to develop one of the fastest and most powerful car on the planet.


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As far as the interior of the car is concerned it can be constructed as per the needs of the customer. It can adopt everything from a light weight finish to a very luxurious sporty one being covered in leather and Alcantara. The leather covered seats, door panels and headliner are a newer concept for the car making it possess a very rich feeling. In short, it has a full safety roll cage. Whatever the customer wants the interior of the car to be, RUF can make it. A shift indicator in the dashboard shows the gear in use while the speedometer is placed to note the present speed of the car.


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Extensive updation of CTR 3 has made it a true mid-engine design car. The aerodynamic body is made from galvanized steel for the passenger compartment and the front structure makes the car attractive and very sporty. Its doors and front hood are made of aluminum while the body is of Kelvin carbon. The engine and the transmission are housed in a spaced frame. Weight of the car is around 3100 pounds making the power to weight ratio of only 4.4 lbs per hp. The front bumper features integrated LED turn signals. On a whole, the car looks very luxurious and elegant. The cross-drilled carbon-ceramic disc brakes match the high performance of the engine and suspension. It also features a specially designed anti-locking braking system. The wheels of the CTR-3 is made up of aluminium having a diameter of 19 inches.

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