Ruf RT12
Ruf RT12 | $ 294,000
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Ruf RT12

Ruf RT12

In the fall of 2004, Ruf introduced the RT 12 model in the Essen Motor Show. The specialty of the RUF cars is that they are built on the chassis and bodies of Porsche. But since RUF builds much of its independent work into the car, it has officially been considered as the manufacturer of the RT 12. This sports car which had been built on the new 997 Porsche platform arrives with an all-wheel drive option and a rear engine. At 50 inches, the car is quite short and it weighs a solid 1500 kilograms. The unique appearance and bodywork have been specially developed while the 'active' suspension has been replaced with an RUF static-system. With the reputation of being one of the fastest production cars in the world, the RT 12 is available for a base price of $294,434.


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The cockpit of the Rt12 is simply awesome and elegant. The seats seem modular but are comfortable and of the bucket variety with leather upholstery. The steering is modern with all necessary control buttons situated on its extra-broad center. The gauges which are large and illuminated are arranged almost like the overlapping rings of the Olympics insignia. There is a superb audio system and a climate-control system located in the central console. Air vents are positioned all around the cockpit and in the dash. The dash is absolutely clean in front of the passenger seat. There are two accelerator pedals - one for city driving and the other for a relaxed cruise. All the pedals are large and comfy for the foot.


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For the untrained eye, the RT 12 appears like a Porsche car for that is what it is at the basic level. The carbon fiber body has been uniquely shaped to improve the stability at high speeds by reducing downforce. For starters, the hood slopes from its midway length and falls very gracefully in a curve. On either side of the hood are large headlamps which coupled with the tiny grille gives the car a gentle smiling look. The fenders have been flared to present a sporty appearance and the front fenders have large grilles in them. The rear has been shaped and cut in for aerodynamic reasons and a slim and apparently delicate spoiler is positioned just above the rear opening of the engine. The tail lamps sit pretty above the large dual exhausts. The body is much wider at the rear compared to the front.

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