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Net Worth $ 36 Million
Ryan Gosling
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Born on: 12th Nov 80 Born in: United States Marital status: Single Occupation: Actor, Hollywood
Ryan Thomas Gosling, the hot and sizzling Canadian actor and musician was born on 12 November 1980 in London, Ontario. Starting of his career at tender age this young hunk had a major breakthrough when he appeared as a lead in a romantic movie ‘The Notebook’. His charming looks and movie role took him high on the popularity charts amongst the youngsters and earned him four Teen Choice Awards and an MTV Movie Award. After it there was no looking back Gosling was well appreciated for his acting talent and nominated for Golden Globe Award for his stunning performance in the movie Lars and the Real Girl. He is also a great musician his music talent got well recognized in Dead Man's Bones concert. Gosling along with his magical charms is also one of the finest actor, musician, producer and also a social worker. Gosling gathered his worth by starting acting at a very tender age beginning in 1993 as a child artist for Disney Channel's Mickey Mouse Club. Followed by it he acted in number of family entertainment programs like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Goosebumps, Breaker High and Young Hercules. Then in 2001 he debuted with his first serious role in The Believer followed by the independent movies like Murder by Numbers, The Slaughter Rule, The United States of Leland, Stay and the big one The Notebook. Following his musical passion he is also a grounded and initial member of the known band Dead Man’s Bones. Charming and rich Ryan Gosling has a lavish and flaunting lifestyle. Gosling has now shifted to New York City and even co-owns Tagine, a classy Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. He invested in this restaurant on intuition and supposed to spend all his hard earned money on it. Bonding with this project he gave his one year to it working on its renovation and also finalizing unique menu for it. Also being very emotional towards the society, he actively participates in charity functions. Ryan Gosling has also supported the charities including those for Invisible Children, PETA, SickKids Foundation, Silverlake Conservatory of Music. He also support causes for Animals, Children, Creative Arts, Health, Human Rights, Peace. Gosling was born in Canada and was brought by his mother along with his sister, as his parents got divorced when he was still a kid. Working as an actor since his childhood, he grew up with it. He believes in following his passion for music and is working for it. Gosling had a very shaky romantic life, in 2003 he dated American actress Sandra Bullock for a year. Then he went for a two year relationship with a Canadian actress Rachel McAdams and then again got together for sometime but again it didn’t work out well. After her he had several flings with Kat Dennings and Blake Lively. But now since September 2011 he is with American actress and model Eva Mendes.
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Ryan Gosling Autos and Cars (1)

Motorcycle (Dirt Bike)

Dirt Bike

The 31 year old actor is often spotted in Los Angeles atop his trusted motorcycle. From a very young age, Ryan developed a fondness for bikes. He used his dirt bike a lot to get to his martial arts classes. Interestingly, he has often said that his love for bikes began when he witnessed a near fatal accident. The design of the dirt bikes is such that the riders get the maximum possible comfort. These bikes are known for their power and agility and many fans may find it difficult to associate this handsome looking guy with something like dirt bikes! Ryan had a taste for bikes right from a young age and being a macho man he is proud to own one of these monstrous machines.

Ryan Gosling Pets (1)


Ryan Gosling simply loves George, his pet pooch and best friend. The 30 year old Canadian actor is very attached to his furry friend and almost carries him everywhere. He even carries his cute little friend to movie premiers. Enjoying the handsome actor's company, the adorable pooch is a sure envy for many Ryan loving girls. His colleague, Kirsten Dunst, has admitted that she loves playing with George.

Ryan Gosling Brands (3)

Rolex Day Date

Rolex Day Date

When it comes to watches, Ryan simply cannot part with his Rolex Day Date wristwatch. The particular watch that he uses is a self-winding automatic watch made in the Swiss. The watch is made in solid stainless steel and it is coated with 18K Yellow Gold.

Barton Perreira Gilbert

Barton Perreira Gilbert

Ryan is often seen wearing Barton Perreira Gilbert eyeglasses which is probably the ultimate in luxury brands.This unique eyeglass is a limited edition one and it boasts an inspired design and a splendid charisma.

Adult Famous Tuxedo T-shirt

Adult Famous Tuxedo T-shirt

You will see the actor wearing these Tuxedo T-shirt on more than one occasions. These T-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric, offering optimum comfort. The brand's T-shirt's are a rage among the youth and can be worn at any party or social occasion, to look distinctive from the rest.

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