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Saleen S7

Saleen S7

The Saleen S7 prides itself with the fact that it has been hand-crafted into a high-performance supercar. Made by the quartet of Steve Saleen, Hidden Creek Industries, Ray Mallock Ltd. and Phil Frank, this 2-door coupe debuted on the 19th of August 2000. Carrying on the legacy of genuine racing, the car urges owners to put down the payment needed for a home - a staggering $550,000. But then, it provides the luxury, adrenaline rush and pride that only few possessions on earth can! The rear-wheel drive car has been assembled in Irvine, California, United States.


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This powerful sports car has interiors that are safe, luxurious and functional. The cabin is completely lined with leather along with aluminium accents. It has an asymmetrical layout in which the driver's seat can be custom-fitted so that his/her weight can be centered and the vehicle balanced. There is a custom-fit luggage compartment which is not very large. That is not necessary anyways as trips will be completed in a breeze! The mid-engine splits the boot into two halves - one at front and one at the rear. There is an LCD monitor along with a rear-view camera for ease of navigation. Navigation is further eased with the quick-release steering wheel. The seats are ergonomic and comfy with an Alcantara headliner.


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As expected from a supercar, the Saleen S7's body is made completely of light yet strong carbon fiber. To create a split-channel airflow throughout the car, there are strategically positioned spoilers and scoops. The doors open up like gull wings and have windows that sink fully in. The entire designing is based on aerodynamic features. The space-frame chassis is made of lightweight aluminium and steel is reinforced via a honeycomb structure. The car is short, measuring about 40 inches in height and it weighs about 1250 kilograms. Then sleek and sexy styling is seen in the large slits that adorn the front and sides of the supercar. The looks and feel of the car are totally race-honed and are totally in sync with its scorching on-road performance.

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