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Samsung WF457 washing machine now gets Wi-Fi connectivity

Andrea Divirgilio / January 11, 2012

In the previous years, we had seen electronics giant Samsung making its presence felt in the luxury lifestyle world, through products like the Giorgio Armani touch screen phone, the crystallized Galaxy Tab, the crystallized Series 9 laptops, which are high on bling instead of technology. But focusing on their core competence, Samsung has unveiled the WF457 front loading washing machine, which sports a Wi-Fi connection for controlling its functions. This means that all the functions of the machine can now be monitored through the smart phone, and controlled as and when necessary.

Samsung WF457 wi-fi enabled washing machine

Making its presence felt at the CES 2012, the Samsung WF457 will feature a Wi-Fi functionality, which will allow the users to control the machine from anywhere within the house, directly with the help of the smart-phones. Whether it’s the wash cycle or simply monitoring the time span of each function, the Smart Control technology on machine allows for interacting and control of all function via the wi-fi system. Other than that, this machine is known to have some of the highest capacities known in the industry. With the ability to clean over 30 bath towels in one go, there will be greater utility for those who wish to get larger volumes within a shorter time.

Samsung WF457 wi-fi enabled washing machine

The pioneering and rather advanced edition of technology which is associate with this machine is the Power Foam and the Water Shot Technology. The Power Foam technology uses the detergent in the machine to infuse it into the air of the washing drum, thus enabling through cleansing, of even the most delicate of clothing fibers. Water Shot Technology on the other hand, is an automated system which saves around 25 percent of the water as compared to other machines in the industry. Means energy and resources are saved, along with greater care for clothing. On top of this, add the reflective and glossy exterior which does indeed look like something which is a crowd puller. Looks like this just might be one of the main heroes of the CES 2012 which has already gotten underway.

Via: MoCoLoco / Samsung

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