Samsung’s DA-E750 audio dock with wooden finish is a perfect gift for Earth Day

Andrea Divirgilio / April 3, 2012

Die-hard audiophiles have always welcomed the high-performance audio choices to create a private sanctuary to listen to music. In the recent past, we have seen the luxury audio trends at CES, making it apparent that trend in the hi-fi audio world is not just to go bigger with the sound but should also be aesthetically pleasing and boast hi-end craftsmanship. One such choice comes from Samsung, which has been steadily extending its audio devices for the high-end audiophiles segment, with its new dock audio system, the DA-E750. With a premium wood finish design and the ultimate in sound quality, the DA-E750 is described as the first multi-device audio dock with vacuum tube technology and extended compatibility for multi-device setup.

Samsung DA-E750

Samsung’s Audio Dock with valve amplifier, the DA-E750 was impressive enough to even earn a ‘Best of CES’ nomination in the home theater category. It’s the industry’s first audio dock system that includes Samsung’s proprietary hybrid vacuum tube amplifier technology. And, it is also one of the most convenient and flexible audio dock, as it supports a broad range of Apple and Galaxy S devices via its unique dual docking structure on the back, and offers wireless audio connectivity via AirPlay for Apple devices and AllShare for Samsung Galaxy devices, or Bluetooth enabled devices.

Samsung DA-E750

Priced at $800, the audio dock DA-E750 boasts a 2.1-channel speaker with built-in powerful sub-woofer with 100-watts of sound, and also offers analog audio input and a USB port to play the audio files directly from portable USB drive, MP3 player or hard-drive. Design wise, the DA-E750 is elegant and its sleek, high gloss wood finish exudes highest level of style and sophistication.

Samsung DA-E750

Apart from the DA-E750, Samsung also announced its other vacuum-tube amplified home audio devices; including the two technically advanced home theater systems, the HT-E6730W for $1,000 and HT-E6500W for $600, and a range of step-down audio docks, the DA-E670 for $450 and DA-E650, to name a few.

Via: UberGizmo/Gizmodo/GeekyGadgets

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