Samsung’s limited edition refrigerator studded with gem stones retails at Harrods, UK

Andrea Divirgilio / August 1, 2012

For a stunning display of its cutting-edge, high end products, Samsung Electronics Co. UK has recently announced the opening of its exclusively new branded home appliances showcase within luxury department store Harrods, which has been the house for world’s exclusive and expensive luxury items. Giving its customers an opportunity to experience the brand in a completely different environment, Samsung’s new showcase at Harrods will not only feature brand’s premium home appliances, but will also house a stunning and new cooling product, a limited edition premium refrigerator that provides all round luxury with elegant gem stones, ink stained glass and champagne handles complemented by a crystal clear interior. On the similar note, we have also earlier seen some of the finest decked out kitchen appliances, besides the Gorenze touch fridge-freezer decked with 7,000 Swarovski crystals.

Samsung's limited edition refrigerator studded with gem stones retails at Harrods, UK

With A++ rating, the RS26MBZBL refrigerator boasts 701 liter capacity along with mini drinks bar which also provides an easy access to the refrigerator’s interior without actually opening the entire door, in an effort to conserve energy. And, the latest cutting-edge technology has been used with Samsung’s CoolSelect Zone, which is an independent drawer which acts as a mini fridge within a fridge., and is also adjustable to five settings.

This cool new cooling product studded with gem stones will be available exclusively to Harrods in the United Kingdom with a price tag of $4,704.

The new showcase supported by Samsung trained staff will be located on the 2nd floor of Harrods, within its existing Gourmet Cookshop, and will be officially opened to the public for nine weeks. Visitors to the store will have the chance to try-out and buy products from across Samsung’s premium home appliances range.

Via: Samsung

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