Samsung’s new bacteria-killing air conditioners with MPI technology

Andrea Divirgilio / February 29, 2008

vivace shadow mirror 1
Nothing comforts more than the chilly breeze from the vent of an air conditioner on a hot summer afternoon. It even gets better when an air conditioner is health friendly. Well, Samsung is all set to launch two new models of its bacteria-killing air conditioners, which use compnay’s proprietary Micro Plasma Ion (MPI) technology. After launching last year in the US and Europe, they are now set for a launch in Asia. The Vivace Shadow Mirror and Neo-Forte pack enough firepower to kill those germs. The officials are claiming MPI to be capable of eliminating 78 percent of fungus and 58 percent of bacteria in a 30-minute time frame, within an enclosed environment. The MPI functions in parallel with a carbon deodorizer, a Silver Nano evaporator and a Catechin filter developed from a green tea extract. Vivace is now shipping in Singapore for S$799 to S$899 while the Neo-Forte will be launched in April.

via UberGizmo / Crave

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